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Collaboration and innovation

Presentations from last July's Association of Parliamentary Libraries of Australasia Conference are available online, Speakers included Roxanne Missingham, Parliamentary Librarian; Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate; Luke Buckmaster and Sarah Miskin, Parliamentary Library; Kent Fitch and Alison Dellitt, National Library of Australia; and Carmel McInerney...

Copyright exceptions for private copying of photographs and films

This review of the operation of two copyright exceptions that permit 'format-shifting' recommends that no change is made to the legal position but that public education material should be reviewed.The Attorney-General's Department has carried out a review of the operation of two copyright exceptions that...

Cyber Storm II: National cyber security exercise final report

As an outcome of a 2006 review of e-security arrangements, the department was tasked to develop a cyber exercise program to improve the ability of governments and critical infrastructure owners and operators to manage incidents affecting the National Information Infrastructure. As part of this role...

Review of copyright exceptions for private copying of photographs and films - final report

This report is the result of a review by the Attorney-General's Department into 'format shifting' and two new copyright exceptions to permit photographs and cinematograph films to be reproduced in a different format for private use, subject to certain conditions.In January 2008, the Attorney-General asked...

Copying photos and films for private use

The government is reviewing the operation of two new copyright exceptions that permit 'format shifting'. The purpose of this paper is to invite submissions on whether these sections are operating satisfactorily or whether either provision should be modified in some way. The government is reviewing...

Considering 'elder abuse' and sexual assault

How does the violence experienced by older people intersect with gender? As many researchers have noted, it is important to understand how violence against older women, in particular sexual assault, is connected to gendered violence experienced over the lifespan. For many women, the dynamics of...

Australia 2020 Summit background papers

These papers, prepared by the steering committee of the Australia 2020 Summit in consultation with ministerial co-chairs and their departments, explore the themes set out in each stream and provide background information on some of the major areas to be discussed at the Summit. They...

Australia 2020 Summit: final report

This report is intended to provide a record of the Australia 2020 Summit and recommendations on each of the discussion areas for consideration by the Australian government.
Discussion paper

Don't panic: The impact of digital technology on the major performing arts

The Australia Council's major performing arts board has produced a discussion paper on the impact of digital technology on the sector.There is no doubt that continuing advances in digital technology will affect the major performing arts (MPA) industry and force it to change its ways...

Anticipating change in the major performing arts

Major performing arts companies need to keep pace with economic and social trends, such as rapid development in the Asia region and shifts in the demographics and leisure time options of the Australian population, according to this report. Climate change, generational workforce succession, an increasingly...