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Diversification for sustainable development in rural and regional Australia: how local community leaders conceptualise the impacts and opportunities from agriculture, tourism and mining

Although the multiple economic, environmental and social challenges threatening the viability of rural and regional communities in Australia are well-known, little research has explored how community leaders conceptualise the impact and opportunities associated with economic diversification from agriculture into alternative industries, such as tourism and...

Developments in internet filtering technologies and other measures for promoting online safety

This report investigates developments in internet filtering technologies and other safety initiatives to protect consumers, including minors, who access content on the internet. The report was prepared in response to a ministerial direction received in June 2007. ACMA will report annually on its findings for...
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Evolutionary perspectives on rural Australia

An enduring concern within Australian rural geography has been to understand the nature and implications of change.
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Examining the role of entrepreneurship in economic development in Appalachia

Increasing uncertainty in the world economy has created challenges for regions to pursue development strategies to achieve economic growth. Globalization, increased marketing integration, and the advent of new technologies led to approaches from traditional industrial recruiting to less traditional approaches. Among these latter approaches is...
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Creative Economic Development, Sustainability, and Exclusion in Rural Areas

Creative economy projects appear appropriate for sustainable rural development, but the benefits and challenges of initiating a creative economy in a rural setting are not well understood. Descriptive data and qualitative research with artists, planners, and residents of Chatham County, North Carolina, suggest that, in...

Cross Country Analysis of Farm Economic Performance

This report analyses the farm performance data contributed through the OECD Network for Farm-level Analysis. It first compares the distribution of four economic performance indicators across nine participating countries or regions for selected farm types (output and input ratio, and net operating income per unit...

Darling Downs Economic and Infrastructure Framework

This Economic and Infrastructure Framework (the framework) identifies opportunities for the Darling Downs economy to grow with the support of strategic infrastructure planning. By highlighting the economic potential of the Darling Downs, the framework aims to encourage private sector investment in the region, as well...
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Consulting for Rural Conservation-and Growth

One side-effect of the Big Sky boom that began around Jackson WY has been the birth of a novel approach to economic growth and land-use planning that focuses on environmental and conservation protections. To serve such emerging niches, Sullivan presents some architects and developers, who...

Research and experimental development, all sector summary, Australia, 2004-05

Business and higher education were the biggest contributors in Australia's $15.8 billion outlay on research and experimental development (RandD) in 2004-05, according to this ABS report. This was an increase of 19% or $2.6 billion since 2002-03. More than half of this expenditure came from...

Arts and cultural heritage - an information development plan, 2008

This information paper identifies the agreed priorities and action for information development in the area of Arts and Cultural Heritage. The paper also identifies gaps in available data and provides recommendations for addressing these data gaps. Recommendations will be implemented collaboratively by the ABS and...