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Dual citizenship and Section 44: what role of the court?

The relevance of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution has again been questioned. Despite the Prime Minister’s constitutionally inappropriate foretelling of the outcome, the High Court’s decision is far from predictable.

Evidence based policy: Why is progress so slow and what can be done about it?

Dr Nicholas Gruen, Lateral Economics CEO, presents his views on the slow pace of change surrounding the greater adoption of the concept of evidence-based policy.

Changing the system: advocacy and alliances for access to knowledge

What aspects of the current system hamper the effective flow of knowledge and good governance, how can they be reformed and what advocacy is required?

Data, tools and platforms: How technology may help or hinder public policy decision making

What kinds of data sources, tools and platforms do we have available, what is the value and the challenge of data and new sources of information, what do we need and what is coming down the line that can help support better policy making, citizen...

Evidence, impact, public policy and social innovation

To produce evidence with ‘impact’, and know how to ‘make evidence count’, we need to understand the policy process and how evidence is produced and used in a complex system.

Ageism isn’t the only barrier keeping older workers out of jobs

Ageism isn’t the only barrier keeping older workers out of jobs.

Coworking and an outer-urban community: what can we learn from a grassroots community coworking hub?

This report presents the findings from four focus group discussions conducted during Spring 2017 and serves as a first step in an ongoing investigation into the potential to innovate and nature of coworking issues facing people in outer Melbourne suburbs.

Nothing exceeds like success

THE BLIGH GOVERNMENT has announced a ban on success fees for lobbyists. This follows the revelation that former Labor and Liberal party figures have received a success fee for securing Queensland government contracts for clients. Commentators have questioned whether simply banning success fees is enough...

Who can afford to be sick?

This article reviews recent research by Binod Nepal, Alicia Payne and Laurie Brown at the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling at the University of Canberra, published as"Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?". The message from this report is that ill-health can have a huge effect...

Pulling the public purse strings

What is the federal government’s power to spend after Pape v The Commissioner of Taxation, asks Tessa Meyrick.