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Western Australia resources sector working hours 2007

This report describes trends in working hours in the mining sector.

State growth outlook 2013

This study presented the outlook fot the Western Australian resources sector in 2013. It flagged some troubling economic signs, as well as increasing energy and infrastructure needs.

Diversity in the Western Australian resources sector

This study looks at the representation of women and Indigenous employees in the resource sector workforce in Western Australia.
Briefing paper

Fly-in, fly-out in the Western Australian resources sector

This paper describes the benefits of fly-in, fly-out operations to regional areas.

NDIS: WA disability services sector development plan

This WA disability services industry plan provides a snapshot of the key findings, analysis of service capability and strategies for transition.
Draft report

Draft state planning policy 5.4 - road and rail noise

The Western Australian Transport and Planning Minister has released the revised State Planning Policy 5.4: Road and Rail Noise (SPP5.4) and associated guidelines for public comment.

Seeking help for domestic violence: exploring rural women’s coping experiences - key findings and future directions

This report presents the results of a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia.

Seeking help for domestic violence: exploring rural women’s coping experiences - final report

This study engaged with five different types of social and geographical locations at sites in South Australia and Western Australia to explore how isolation affects different women’s abilities to seek assistance and cope with experiences of domestic violence.
Draft report

Service priority review: interim report to the West Australian government

This interim report signals directions for Western Australian public sector reform that will be developed into recommendations in a final report to the state government in October 2017.

2016 Inspection of Casuarina Prison

This report has been prepared following an inspection of Casuarina Prison, conducted in late 2016. It concludes that the prison is meeting reasonable expectations in relation to security and the safety of staff and prisoners. However, it is over-stretched at almost every point.