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Design faults: the Asia Pacific's regional architecture, policy brief

The Asia Pacific region has too many regional organisations, yet they are still unable to do all the things required of them. This matters at a time when the rising power of China and India presents new challenges. There is a need for a new...

Transnational crime in the Pacific Islands: real or apparent danger?

Transnational crime constitutes a challenge for even the most advanced industrial nations. The Pacific Islands are culturally, educationally and socially diverse, geographically isolated and sparsely populated. There is a degree of heterogeneity in their respective levels of governance, corruption and law enforcement capacity. Economic weaknesses...

Up in smoke? Asia and the Pacific

The human drama of climate change will largely be played out in Asia, where over 60 per cent of the world’s population, around four billion people, live. Over half of those live near the coast, making them directly vulnerable to sea-level rise. Disruption to the...

Asia-Pacific region at the privacy crossroads (2008)

The Asia-Pacific region has reached a significant crossroads regarding the protection of privacy. This article examines current privacy developments in the Asia-Pacific region and provides some analysis of the benefits and risks of pursuing either the EU or the US/APEC approach to privacy regulation. The...

Knowledge economy opportunities for Australian firms in the Asia-Pacific

Australia cannot be complacent and must constantly look for opportunities that will enable today's small to medium firms to engage within the region and grow into the larger firms that will provide the bulk of our exports in the future. Indeed, argue Lyndal Thorburn and...

Averting crisis: American strategy, military spending and collective defence in the Indo-Pacific

This report argues that America no longer enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific and its capacity to uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain. It suggests that a strategy of collective defence is fast becoming necessary as a way of offsetting shortfalls in...

Pacific Island nations will no longer stand for Australia’s inaction on climate change

Australia ensured the official communique watered down commitments to respond to climate change, gaining a hollow victory.

Crisis and confidence: major powers and maritime security in Indo-Pacific Asia

Risks are growing that China-centric maritime incidents could lead to war in Asia. Authors Rory Medcalf and Raoul Heinrichs, with maritime adviser Justin Jones, examine the drivers of Asia’s growing maritime ‘crisis of confidence’, including clashes of sovereignty, national pride and military strategy. They examine...

Asia Pacific master blogging challenge

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific hosts some of the world's most prominent Asia-themed academic blogs including New Mandala, East Asia Forum and South Asia Masala. Blogging breaks new ground for many academics. Its immediacy, the opportunities to take ideas to a wide...

252876 | Palliative care in the Pacific: initial research

This report presents an initial examination of palliative care across the Pacific region. There is scarce literature on palliative care in Pacific island countries and territories, but the documented disease profile shows a need for expanded palliative care.