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Broadband speed claims: industry guidance

The ACCC has published this guidance for retail service providers on how to advertise speeds for fixed-line broadband services, including clearly identifying typical peak speeds.
Draft report

New car retailing industry - a market study by the ACCC: draft report

This ACCC draft report contains a number of key findings and recommendations for improving consumer protection and promoting competition in new car retailing and associated markets.

Gas inquiry 2017-2020: interim report - September 2017

The ACCC has released its first interim report of its inquiry into gas supply arrangements in Australia, which focuses on likely supply and demand conditions in the east coast gas market for 2018.

Retail electricity pricing inquiry: preliminary report

This ACCC preliminary report into the electricity market highlights significant concerns about the operation of the National Electricity Market, which is leading to serious problems with affordability for consumers and businesses.

Report on the Brisbane petrol market

Under new arrangements to monitor the prices, costs and profits of unleaded petroleum products, the ACCC has prepared this short report on the Brisbane petrol market.
Discussion paper

Quad bike safety: issues paper

This issues paper includes a series of questions that the ACCC is considering as part of their investigation into quad bike safety and consider the merits of implementing a safety standard for quad bikes under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
Draft report

Communications sector market study: draft report

This ACCC draft report for the communications sector market study includes the draft findings, proposed recommendations and proposed actions, in relation to a number of communications services across the retail and wholesale supply chain.
Discussion paper

Water trading rules - issues paper

This issues paper outlines the development of water trading rules advice to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA). The MDBA is responsible for preparing the new strategic plan for the integrated and sustainable management of water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin, which will contain water trading...

Gas inquiry 2017-2020: interim report - December 2017

This is the second interim report of an inquiry into gas supply arrangements in Australia. It focuses on the operation of the east coast gas market, where there are continuing immediate and longer-term concerns.

New car retailing industry - a market study by the ACCC: final report

Market studies are used by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to help promote effective competition in markets. Studies are normally undertaken where a number of concerns about market conduct have been raised, and a detailed examination of market characteristics could help to determine...