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The implications of loss of a partner for older private renters: positioning paper

This positioning paper explores the implications of loss of a partner for private renters aged 50 years and over (aged 50+). The scope of the analysis includes singles who turned 50 having previously lost a partner through death, separation or divorce and those who lose...

Living with salinity: a report on progress

This report examines the long-term success of federal programs that seek to reduce the extent and economic impact of salinity in the Australian environment. This included: progress of national programs to address salinity; support available to regional catchment management authorities to achieve national goals; and...

Provisions of the Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Electoral Integrity and Other Measures) Bill 2005

This publication includes a majority report and two dissenting reports from an inquiry into a bill making major amendments to the Electoral Act and the Referendum Act in relation to the closure of the electoral roll, disclosure of political donations, prisoner voting entitlements, proof of...
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Poia atu taku poi: Unearthing the knowledge of the past

The word poi refers to a Maori dance or game performed with a ball-like object, to which a cord of varying length is attached. Poi refers to both the ball and the dance, which normally includes hitting and swinging the ball on its string, usually...
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Poia atu / mai ?) taku poi – The Polynesian Origins of Poi

Poi is recognised around the world as a performance item unique to Māori. The word poi refers to a Māori dance or game performed with a ball-like object, to which a cord of varying length is attached. Poi refers to both the ball and the...
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Pacific Island women, body image and sport

This article analyses the representation of Pacific women from an Orientalist theoretical framework. The analysis traces prominent representations of Pacific women within early colonial and Christian discourses, and dominant representations since colonisation. Included in this analysis is a discussion of the fantasy of Western men...

Commonwealth-state responsibilities for health - 'big bang' or incremental reform

This paper sets out the respective responsibilities of the Commonwealth and state governments for health care, identifying those areas where cost-shifting and duplication exist. It discusses some of the major issues in the health debate, with a view to identifying the extent to which they...

Education at a glance 2006: Highlights

This detailed, comparable and up-to-date collection of indicators on the performance of education systems focuses on the 30 OECD countries, including Australia, as well as some partner countries. The indicators look at who participates in education, what is spent on it, how education and learning...

The personal wellbeing of Australians living within federal electoral divisions

In this latest Australian Unity Wellbeing Index report, Robert A. Cummins, T’Meika Knapp, Jacqui Woerner, Jenny Walter and Kathryn Page examine the differences between reported feelings of wellbeing across Australia. Among other things, they find that differences in wellbeing are not simply based in economics.

National Youth Survey 2006: the main concerns of young Australians

This national annual survey of 14,700 young people, aged 11-24 (95% between 11-19), has found family conflict, alcohol and other drugs and body image are their three main issues of concern. When asked to rank 12 issues in level of importance, family conflict was ranked...