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GEN - Aged care data

GEN is a one-stop-shop for aged-care data. This website improves availability and accessibility of information for the community and stakeholders, by making it accessible for all levels of users.
Policy report

What's age got to do with it? Towards a new advocacy on ageing and work

A new advocacy for older workers that doesn't rely on age-based stereotypes and focuses on more than age discrimination.
Discussion paper

Future reform: an integrated care at home program to support older Australians - discussion paper

This discussion paper seeks views on how future reform can best support older Australians to remain living at home and in their communities.

Australia's aged care charities in 2015

Profiling 1,465 registered charities which reported that their main activity in 2015 was aged care.
Policy report

The role of technology in active ageing

Australia needs to embrace digital health technologies and focus on data integration and standardisation.
Journal article

Bounded choices: The problematisation of longterm care for people ageing with an intellectual disability in rural communities

This article examines in-depth interviews with six families in rural South Australia, that were conducted to explore their experiences of caring in the community and future post-parental care plan for their son/daughter with an intellectual disability.

Prevalence of elder abuse in South Australia

Understanding and awareness of elder abuse as a significant problem is well understood but not comprehensively documented by key government and non-government agencies within South Australia

Landscape modification: an alternative to residential access ramps and lifts

This report and associated documents explore and analyse the approach to modifying the surrounding landscape of a home in order to improve accessibility through innovative home modification solutions within a community care context.

Trends in severe disability among elderly people

This paper assesses the most recent evidence on trends in disability among the population aged 65 and over in 12 OECD countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The focus is on reviewing...

Vision problems in older Australians

Visual impairment is an important health issue facing the present and future generations of older Australians because it can affect physical, functional, emotional and social wellbeing, and reduce quality of life. The main aim of this bulletin is to present the most reliable, robust and...