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Draft report

Draft state planning policy 5.4 - road and rail noise

The Western Australian Transport and Planning Minister has released the revised State Planning Policy 5.4: Road and Rail Noise (SPP5.4) and associated guidelines for public comment.

Affordable housing in Victoria: what's next?

This presentation aimed to bring together key housing stakeholders for informed discussion. It shares the outcomes of applied research related to housing, planning and infrastructure.

Apartment design guidelines for Victoria

This guide has been released to assist applicants, architects, building designers and planners when designing and assessing apartment developments in Victoria.
Briefing paper

Equitable Density - report 3 - metropolitan scale

This final report focuses on policies, processes and economies that operate at the regional scale and their impact on lower income and disadvantaged households. It considers policies that affect the structural features of housing markets, policies and investment affecting urban regions, and the governance arrangements...
Briefing paper

Equitable Density - report 2 - neighbourhood scale

Higher density multi-unit residential developments, such as townhouses and apartment buildings (henceforth ‘higher density housing’), have become an increasingly common feature of Australian cities. Across the country, 2016 marked the first time when construction began on more higher density housing than detached houses. New South...
Briefing paper

Equitable Density - report 1 - the building scale

To begin, this report on the building scale considers the most important issues in both individual dwellings (e.g. apartments) and higher density buildings as a whole, and how these can influence the quality of life of lower income and vulnerable residents.

50 Lives 50 Homes: a housing first response to homelessness

The aim of the '50 Lives 50 Homes' project is to house and provide support to fifty of Perth’s most vulnerable homeless people. This research report constitutes the first of three reports for the evaluation of the project.
Journal article

Assessing the accessibility of activity centres and their prioritisation: a case study for Perth Metropolitan Area

The primary objective of this study was to ascertain, through analysis of accessibility and development potential, which activity centres should be prioritised to support decentralisation of jobs, encourage better integration of transport and land use and ultimately aid the evaluation of a more compact, consolidation...

Election 2007: affordable rental housing

Two key proposals for improving the supply of affordable rental housing - a National Affordable Housing Agreement and a National Affordable Rental Incentive - are the principal focus of this paper. Two key proposals for improving the supply of affordable rental housing - a National...

This is what the lives of Big Issue sellers tell us about working and being homeless

There is a need for more co-ordinated and comprehensive policy responses to – and resources for – homelessness, entrenched disadvantaged and long-term unemployment, writes Jessica Gerrard.