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Clever classrooms: summary report of the HEAD project

This report demonstrates that well-designed primary schools boost children’s academic performance in reading, writing and maths. It includes practical advice for designers and teachers.

Changing senior school certificates: a story of visions and revisions

Jane Figgis looka at how much progress has been made in ensuring that all young people had available to them a curriculum (and a certification regime) that would engage them through Year 12 and would lead on to meaningful next steps for them - a...
Journal article

Perceptions of cycling among high school students and their parents

Cycling is a healthy, low-cost, and low-carbon alternative to motorized transport. As a relatively fast active mode of transport, cycling can overcome the distance barrier of walking, while also providing cardiovascular exercise and reducing demand for motor vehicle travel. The “cycling renaissance” has seen an...

Australian school-based prevention and early intervention programs for anxiety and depression: a systematic review

This review aims to establish the nature and efficacy of Australian school-based prevention and early intervention programs for anxiety and depression. A number of schools' programs produced positive outcomes. Well established programs require further evaluation to establish readiness for broad dissemination as outlined in the...
Technical report

Type and use of innovative learning environments in Australian schools: ILETC Survey 1

The first phase of this project focused on collecting baseline data on the types of learning spaces, teaching practices and learning in Australian and New Zealand schools. This report outlines the survey of school leaders conducted in late 2016.

Review of school infrastructure development approaches in the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is committed to achieving universal access to education up to year nine level by 2015. However, the Solomon Islands experienced a period of ethnic tension followed by civil conflict and a breakdown in governance in 2006. This unrest, in conjunction...

Review of the Solomon Islands education sector wide approach arrangement

The main purpose of this review of the current arrangements between the SWAp partners is to broadly assess the extent of success of the SWAp.

The Commonwealth’s role in improving schools

This report argues that the Commonwealth should not use the extra money it is spending on schools as an excuse to intervene more broadly in school education.

Classroom design should follow evidence, not architectural fads

There is limited evidence to support the idea that making physical changes to classrooms boosts learning outcomes. The reason for this is schools are complex places.

Spectrum of trust in data: New York City parents navigating school choice

Ever wonder if Australia was alone in spending millions of dollars on publishing meaningless data on schools? This American research argues that providing data to parents within the context of a market-driven school choice ecosystem is not an effective tool for equalizing educational opportunity, but...