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Policy report

Report on government services 2018

The annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia.
Policy report

Report on government services 2018: Community services - Chapter 14 Aged care services

This chapter focuses on government funded care and support services for older people and their carers, which are provided at home, in the community and in residential care facilities.

Report on government services 2018: Housing and homelessness

The main aim of housing and homelessness sector services is to ensure that all Australians have access to affordable, safe and sustainable housing — a vital determinant of wellbeing that is associated with better outcomes in health, education and employment, as well as economic and...

Impediments to regional industry adjustment

In 1993, the (then) Industry Commission reported on impediments to regional adjustment of industry, and on ways of facilitating the efficient movement of people and businesses within and between regions.

Transitioning regional economies - study report

This report concludes that much expenditure in regional areas does little to facilitate adjustment and long term development - and that governments could coordinate better and evaluate their activities in Australia's regions.
Policy report

Report on government services 2018: Justice - Chapter 6 Police services

The focus of performance reporting in this chapter is on police services, covering the operations of the police agencies of each State and Territory government, including the ACT community policing function performed by the Australian Federal Police.

Report on government services 2007

This twelfth annual report from the Review of Government Service Provision examines the performance of all Australian governments providing education, justice, emergency management, health, community services and housing. These services account for 60 per cent of government recurrent expenditure and over 10 per cent of...

Report on government services 2018: Child care, education and training - Chapter 3 Early childhood education and care

This chapter reports on the performance of early childhood education and care (ECEC) services, which comprise child care and preschool services.
Draft report

Competition in the Australian financial system: draft report

This inquiry focusses on competition in Australia’s financial system as a means to improve consumer outcomes, enhance the productivity and international competitiveness of the financial system and the broader economy, and support ongoing financial system innovation — without undermining financial stability objectives.

Report on government services 2007: Indigenous compendium

Produced by the Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision, this report contains all Indigenous data reported in the Report on Government Services 2007.