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The quest for the PhD: a better metaphor for doctoral education

This article is the first to apply 'the quest' as a metaphor for the student's doctoral experience and offers a new way of interrogating that experience which will be of use to those involved in supporting research students.

The community investment dividend: measuring the value of community investment to support your social licence to operate

Australian resource companies make a variety of investments in communities to support a social licence to operate. This report presents an approach that draws on social return on investment methodology. It argues that by understanding the value created by social investment, companies can create better...

Analysis of the long-distance commuter workforce across Australia

This report investigated the size and distribution of the non-resident or long distance commuter workforce by industry and geography over time. While this report provides a national perspective, it is the nine sampled mining regions that form the focus of the report.

Exploring the social dimensions of autonomous and remote operation mining: applying social licence in design

This report summarises the findings of a three-year study investigating the social dimensions of autonomous and remote operations technologies in the Australian mining sector.

Analysis of the changing resident demographic profile of Australia's mining communities

This report shows that on the whole mining resident populations are growing and diversifying.

Fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) and family and domestic violence: an exploratory study of the association between FIFO work arrangements and family and domestic violence

This research, by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (the Department), working with the Western Australia Police (WA Police) and specialist family and domestic violence crisis and support services, sought to explore the association between Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) work arrangements and family and domestic...

Living in the regions 2013

The purpose of the Living in the Regions 2013 survey was to ascertain what attracts people to the regions, to understand the barriers to living in the regions, to measure the quality of life in regional Western Australia, and to use that information to inform...

Time and tide: moving towards an understanding of temporal population changes in coastal Australia

This report is about measuring temporary populations, in contrast to the permanent population measured by the Census undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) every five years.

Approaches to understanding development outcomes from mining

The development impacts of mining have traditionally been reported with reference to production, investment, employment, taxation and royalties, and direct effects on the economy. In more recent years, greater emphasis has also been placed on local development impacts, such as the procurement of local goods...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' labour force outcomes

Using data from the 2011 Census of Population and Housing, this article explores labour force outcomes for the working aged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.