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Location and segregation: The distribution of the Indigenous population across Australia's urban centres

This paper focuses on which cities and large towns Indigenous Australians live in, how the Indigenous population is distributed by neighbourhood within these cities and towns, and what the characteristics of the neighbourhoods are in which Indigenous Australians are concentrated. According to the 2006 Census...
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Central Victoria solar city annual report 2010-11

In the 2010/11 Financial Year, Central Victoria Solar City (CVSC) engaged over 2,000 households in our region in energy saving activities. We delivered 1780 Home Energy Assessments, engaged 810 participants in a retrofit package, 528 participants in residential solar PV and 242 participants in solar...
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Challenges of living on the urban fringe: The Yarra ranges perspective

Young people living in the Shire of Yarra Ranges experience many of the issues faced by young people across Victoria. However, for young people living on the urban fringe these issues are compounded by environmental and social factors unique to these areas. As a result...
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The wealth distributions of migrant and Australian-born households

Wealth is an important measure of overall economic well-being, and influences migrants’ ability to integrate into their new country. Using data from the 2002 HILDA survey, Rochelle Belkar explores the disparity between the wealth distributions of Australian and foreign-born households. Her results reveal that immigrants...

House prices and underground electricity distribution lines: the case of three selected suburbs in Canberra

It has become common for low-voltage electricity distribution networks to be installed underground in new housing developments due to a number of advantages over overhead networks including improved appearance, reliability of supply and safety. This paper investigates the value of these benefits to households by...
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Towards best practice for public housing asset management

The aim of this project is to develop a set of good practices for strategic asset management which will assist State Housing Authorities (SHAs) as they seek to improve housing outcomes for public tenants and extend the life of their housing stock by maintaining its...
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The dynamics of public housing tenure in Australia

Using a unique administrative dataset for West Australia, we identify the nature of spells in public housing and the determinants of the length of those spells. Our results indicate that lone parents and single individuals experience longer spells in public housing compared with couple households...

Housing insecurity and its link to the social inclusion agenda

Lower income renters' experiences of housing insecurity have six important dimensions. Compounded by other aspects of social and economic disadvantages, the result is social exclusion. Housing insecurity experienced by low income renters is multi-dimensional, including: needing to move as a result of circumstances outside a...
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Affordable housing and regional growth: a challenge for planners and policy makers

The following issues in regional housing markets are discussed in this article: changed demand for housing; housing market response; and impact on low income households.
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Affordable Housing: What Role for Local Government?

Housing affordability is a pressing social issue for many Australians with public housing stocks not coping with demand in recent years. Local government has a genuine capacity through partnerships with the other spheres of government as well as with private sector community housing and property...