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Government interventions in pursuit of regional development: what have we learnt?

This article summarises a select review undertaken by the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (BTRE 2003) of previous government intervention approaches and experiences in pursuit of regional development.
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Evidence-based design in schools: classroom design and academic achievement

Provides a brief introduction to evidence-based design of classrooms.
Discussion paper

Trump’s tax plan: Australian perspective

This paper reviews the implications of the latest Trump tax plan for Australia; in particular that part of the plan that involves changes to the company tax arrangements.
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Sugar industry sponsorship of germ-free rodent studies linking sucrose to hyperlipidemia and cancer: an historical analysis of internal documents

This article asserts that even back in the 1960s, the U.S sugar industry was covering up evidence of the harmful effects of sugar.

Designing for all ages & abilities: contextual guidance for high-comfort bicycle facilities

This guide, developed by practitioners from cities across North America, sets an 'all ages and abilities' criteria for selecting and implementing bike facilities.
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The pitfalls of economic development in the United States

This paper briefly reviews of the forces of change in the New Economy that rural development organisations need to understand and summarises a number of economic development "pitfalls," that many rural American development organisations have experienced.

Mapping the Third Offset: Australia, the United States and future war in the Indo-Pacific

The Third Offset strategy is perceived as a solution to matching the US defence budget with US strategic ambitions — to find means of sustaining its military-technological advantage in this new era of great power competition.

Tipping the balance in Southeast Asia? Thailand, the United States and China

Provides a roadmap to scholars seeking to understand shifting Thai policies and for policymakers seeking to maintain a strong footing for the U.S.-Thailand alliance during a time of strategic flux.

Failure to launch: Australia, the United States and the threat of inefficient innovation

The Global Innovation Index, the world's leading measurement of innovation across more than 80 indicators, shows Australia is not innovating enough. The economic and technological realities of an increasingly innovative world economy will inevitably catch up to Australia.

Crossing the line: what counts as online harassment?

Pew Research Center surveys have found that online harassment is a common phenomenon in the digital lives of many Americans, and that a majority of Americans feel harassment online is a major problem. Even so, there is considerable debate over what online harassment actually means...