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Artists in the workforce: 1990-2005

This US report is the first nationwide look at artists' demographic and employment patterns in the 21st century. Artists in the Workforce analyzes working artist trends, gathering new statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau to provide a comprehensive overview of this workforce segment and its...

New image for computing

This report is the first phase (market research an initial message testing) of a larger study aimed at improving the image of computer science among US high school students, with particular emphasis on issues related to gender and ethnic disparities, and increasing participation at the...

Creative industries: business and employment in the arts

These reports offer a new, research-based approach to understanding the scope and importance of the arts to the US economy. Nationally, there are 612,095 businesses in the U.S. involved in the creation or distribution of the arts that employ 2.98 million people, which is 4.3...

Technological protection measures

On 4 September 2006 the government released draft amendments to the Copyright Act relating to circumvention of technological protection measures. The amendments are intended to implement Australia's obligations under the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, which requires changes to the Copyright Act by 1 January 2007.
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Fly-in/Fly-out: Implications for Community Sustainability

"Fly-in/fly-out" is a form of work organization that has become the standard model for new mining, petroleum and other types of resource development in remote areas. In many places this "no town" model has replaced that of the "new town." The work system has both...

Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia

Throughout the world, the number of festivals has grown exponentially in the last two decades, as people celebrate local and regional cultures, but perhaps more importantly as local councils and other groups seek to use festivals both to promote tourism and to stimulate rural development...

Three case studies from Switzerland: Smartvote, Electronic Voting, and Political Communication

The phenomenon of electronic government (e-government), and electronic democracy (e-democracy) more specifically, is a relatively new subject of study. However, with the globalization of Internet use, the deployment of technology to improve democracy has rapidly gained worldwide attention. While scholarly analysis of recent and potential...
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Writing for games

PODCAST The way story works in a game, the role of the writer, and how to technically script a game are topics Jackie Turnure discusses in her one hour overview of the 2006 Austin Texas, Writing for Games Conference. Jackie Turnure is one of the...

The information needs of communities

In 2009, a the bipartisan US Knight Commission found that while the broadband age is enabling an information and communications renaissance, local communities in particular are being unevenly served with critical information about local issues. Soon after the Knight Commission delivered its findings, the US...

Artist employment projections through 2018

This paper seeks to answer the following questions: Are artist occupations projected to grow or decline? What are the driving factors behind the projected growth or decline of various artist occupations? What is the projected level of competition within those occupations? Which industry-related or macroeconomic...