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What does success look like? An evaluation of Mission Australia’s Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program (South Australia)

This research shows Mission Australia’s Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program in South Australia not only successfully re-engages hundreds of disadvantaged high school students with learning, but also has a significant transformative and potentially life-saving impact on young people who are facing a range of complex...

2012-2013 PIRSA Annual Report

Outlines performance summary, organisational structure, outcomes and goals of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia for 2013.
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55 (at least) and not out of the learning game: older regional students

This article explores older students' perceptions of formal, non-formal and informal learning in regional South Australia. Drawing on earlier studies as well as a continuing one, it compares: the study motiviations of students aged 55 and older enrolled formally in university undergraduate programs; the learning...
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CDEP [Community Development Employment Projects] as a stepping stone to employment: the Port Augusta case

Indigenous Australians in the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) scheme have been working for welfare payments since 1977. One of the objectives of the scheme is to assist Indigenous Australians develop work skills which lead to 'mainstream' employment. This paper uses a case study of...
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Ambassadors to promote SA's premium and clean food and wine

Paper highlights the international promotion of South Australian food and wine by newly appointed ambassadors for the South Australian food industry.
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An investigation into why students from regional South Australia choose to study business programs in the capital city

Although Business undergraduate studies are available at the University of South Australia's (UniSA) Centre for Regional Engagement (CRE), both at the Whyalla Campus and the Mount Gambier Regional Centre (MGRC), many students from regional South Australia choose to undertake Business degrees in Adelaide, the state...
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Australia's State-Specific and Regional Migration Scheme: An Assessment of its Impacts in South Australia

In post-demographic transition societies, the impacts of low fertility and aging are most strongly felt in peripheral areas where they are exacerbated by youth outmigration. International migration is increasingly seen to have the potential to offset these demographic constraints on economic development. In Australia, immigration...
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Barriers to collaboration in mental health services for older people: external agency views

The need for mental health services for older people living in rural areas is increasing in South Australia. Providing such care requires coordination between several types of services across government, hospital and non-government sectors. The purpose of this study was to identify barriers to collaboration...

In our own backyard: urban health inequities and Aboriginal experiences of neighbourhood life, social capital and racism

Compared to the general South Australian urban population, people in this study reported lower levels of physical and mental health and experience of racism was associated with poorer health outcomes of participants.
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A team approach to providing mental health services in a regional centre using a comprehensive primary health care framework

The value of comprehensive primary health care is often not appreciated in developed countries where technology and economics can limit its potential. Indigenous health workers and women's health workers have long understood that psychiatric diagnosis is not always helpful for some of the people who...