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Strengthening the profession? A comparison of recent reforms in the UK and the USA

Educational policy makers in many countries recognise the need to focus their policies more directly on factors affecting the quality of teachers. Common to these policies are attempts to reform teachers' pay systems and career paths to place greater value on teachers' work and give...
Discussion paper

The raids across the Malacca and Singapore Straits during Confrontation 1963-66

The study draws on a number of computerised databases to chart the ebb and flow of the maritime campaign in the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation from 1963 to 1966 through the quantitative analysis of Operations Research.
Journal article

The Taxation of Australian Landlords: Would the British Tax Treatment of Rental Investments Increase Tax Burdens if Introduced in Australia?

The tax treatment of housing can have important implications for the relative attractiveness of investment in housing.
Working paper

The past and future of the Australian suburb

This paper describes the suburban ideal, explains its historical development and compares the Australian suburb with its counterpart in other countries such as the United States and Great Britain.
Discussion paper

Third party intervention reconsidered: new roles for Australian industrial tribunals

This paper examines the decisive shift away from traditional forms of third party intervention by public dispute resolution agencies in Canada, the US, Ireland and the UK. It also argues that, given the decline of dispute resolution in the Australian context and the imminent establishment...

It’s about time: working towards more equitable understandings of the impact of time for students in higher education

This research focused primarily on regional and rural students, advocating an institutional emphasis on students' engagement with learning, alongside flexible undergraduate programs that are responsive to the complexities of each student’s background.
Discussion paper

Resilient nation

Next generation resilience relies on citizens and communities, not the institutions of state... Over 80 per cent of Britons live in urban areas relying on dense networks of public and private sector organisations to provide them with essential services. But their everyday lives and the...

The social forces and politics of housing research in Australia and the UK

This discussion paper draws upon experience of the UK and Australian policy environments, to make a series of tentative observations about the current state of Australian housing research. The political constraints that confront researchers, the role of the state housing authorities in federally funded research...

A study of the effective use of social software by further and higher education in the UK to support student learning and engagement

This is the final report for a UK JISC-funded study into the appropriate and effective use of social software in further and higher education. The study was carried out in a six-month period from August 2008 to January 2009. The report is intended to be...

The geography of creativity

Although there is an increasing recognition of the positive role that creative industries play in innovation and growth, there is little evidence on the spatial dimension of this impact. An ongoing NESTA project employs economic geography techniques to address this gap, with the aim of...