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Heating up: bushfires and climate change

The devastation caused by the 2002-03 fire season precipitated state and federal inquiries. While each inquiry assessed bushfire mitigation strategies, the impacts on the environment and the resources available to fire services, for the first time all the inquiries raised concern about the impact climate...
Policy report

Stepping stones to Paris and beyond: climate change, progress, and predictability

This report examines how successive Governments can best deal with the ultimate intergenerational issue: climatechange.

An overview of climate change: What does it mean for our way of life? What is the best future we can hope for?

This paper starts with the question of whether climate change will require a significant reduction of consumption among the richer people in the world, and ends with the most optimistic picture the author can conjure up, of the world in the year 2075. That hopeful...
Journal article

Charting the emergence of a ‘knowing system’ for climate change adaptation in Australian regional natural resource management

This research describes a research-practice collaboration to support climate change planning. It highlights the potential benefits of investing in the capacity of researchers and natural resource management practitioners to engage in collaborative research partnerships.

Australian climate science capability review

This report characterises Australia’s current climate science capability and identifies how well the climate science sector is positioned to meet current and future demands for weather and climate knowledge.
Briefing paper

Hurricane briefing

Extreme weather events include hurricanes (referred to as'tropical cyclones' in Australia) – because they are now occurring in a more energetic climate system with a hotter, moister atmosphere.

Pacific energy country profiles 2016

The Pacific is home to some of the countries most at risk from the effects of climate change. It is now also home to countries that are leading the world in reducing their fossil fuel consumption and shifting to renewable sources of electricity generation.
Journal article

Improving the use of climate information in decision-making

To enable society to better manage the risks and opportunities arising from changes in climate, engagement between the users and the providers of climate information needs to be much more effective and should better link climate information with decision-making.
Working paper

Where have the family farmers gone? Climate change and farm loss in the Western Australian wheatbelt

This article demonstrates that climate change is exposing and exacerbating vulnerabilities within the structure of the Wheatbelt, which, in turn, is undermining the viability of traditional modes of family farming and forcing many farmers out of the agricultural sector.

Earlier, more frequent, more dangerous: bushfires in NSW

We must think seriously about how to prepare for, and cope with, increasing bushfire risk under a hotter climate, argues this report.