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Reaping the rewards: Improving farm profitability, reducing emissions and conserving natural capital - final report

This research report explores ways that landholders can improve profitability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver broader environmental benefits at the same time. These objectives are known as ‘multiple benefits.'
Discussion paper

Closing the Gap Refresh: papering over the gaps or structural reform?

Five academics and visitors at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research made submissions as part of the Closing the Gap Refresh ‘Have Your Say’ process. The views of these individuals have been consolidated into this document to ensure their longer-term availability.

Rental affordability snapshot 2018

Our housing system is failing millions of Australians. Rents have been rising much faster than people’s incomes and we don't have enough secure, affordable rentals. This year’s Rental Affordability Snapshot shows that we need action now to stop more and more people from falling into...

Lifting the lid on hidden homelessness: a new analysis

This report provides a fresh analysis of data on hidden homeless populations in unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA) in order to lift the lid on the true extent of homelessness in England.
Journal article

Supporting Roy's interests: an unconventional journey from the house to the workshop assisted by personalized fall prevention modifications

The relationships between older adults and their home environments are commonly built upon several decades of personal-expression, values and goals. However, fall preventative home modifications often create a dissonance between existing environments and efforts to prevent falls at home.

Closing the Gap targets: 2017 analysis of progress and key drivers of change

This report provides detailed information and analyses on the Closing the Gap targets, including the key drivers of change underpinning these targets. This report provides context for policy debate and discussion for the Closing the Gap Refresh, a joint initiative of the Council of Australian...

The housing careers of people with a disability and carers of people with a disability

This report shows that the housing careers of persons with a disability, and those family members with significant care responsibilities, are flatter and more restricted than those of the population overall.

The capacity of Indigenous community housing organisations

Remote location, inadequate governance procedures and lack of economies of scale undermine the organisational performance of indigenous community housing organisations. Authors: Karel Eringa, Frederick Spring, Mara West, Martin Anda, Paul Memmott and Stephen Long

Natural disaster preparation and response: a guide for state housing authorities (final report)

The overall aim of this project is to provide guidance for State Housing Authorities and to assist them prepare for and respond to natural disasters and other environmental emergencies.

From housing assets, to housing people: fixing Australia's social housing system

This paper develops a model that allows Australia’s governments to move from incremental, temporary measures to treat the symptoms of the dying funding model for Australia's social housing.