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Rural libraries in the United States: recent strides, future possibilities, and meeting community needs

This report from the (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy focuses attention on the capacity of rural public libraries to deploy Internet-enabled computing technologies and other resources to meet the needs of their residents.

The impact of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement on the provision of health services in Australia

Bryan Mercurio details, evaluates and critically analyses the eight provisions relating to health services and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement. He argues that while the agreement may result in uncertainty and discontent among some in the Australian academic and health...
Journal article

Administrative regulation-making: contrasting parliamentary and deliberative legitimacy

While it is clear that administrative regulations can control matters that are morally or politically controversial, the processes by which they are made in Australia do not generally require transparency or public participation, the primary features of deliberative democracy.

Indispensable economic partners: the US-Australia investment relationship

Australia enjoys a remarkable benefit from its multi-faceted, two-way investment relationship with the United States. And while Australia’s trade relationships, particularly in the region, are vital to continued growth and prosperity, the United States remains Australia’s indispensable economic partner.

A path forward for Australia-Japan security relations

Changing regional conditions necessitate strategic coordination between Australia and Japan to preserve the rules-based order in the Asia Pacific.

Modi and Trump: possible pathways?

This paper explores the domestic and international engagements agreed to by President Trump and Prime Minister Modi and those that, by omission, raise concerns.

Australia's housing affordability crisis and private investment: what can be done?

This article argues that it is not economically viable for Australian super funds to invest in the Australian build-to-rent market and explores how our governments can take steps in providing critical economic infrastructure to combat the public housing shortage.

Strengthening the profession? A comparison of recent reforms in the UK and the USA

Educational policy makers in many countries recognise the need to focus their policies more directly on factors affecting the quality of teachers. Common to these policies are attempts to reform teachers' pay systems and career paths to place greater value on teachers' work and give...
Working paper

Basic income: trade-offs and bottom lines

In a changing employment and budgetary context, there is renewed interest in the concept of a basic income.

Coordination of federal, state and local disaster management arrangements in Australia: lessons from the UK and the US

This document discusses the gaps in Australia’s emergency management legislation and the coordination of federal, state and local disaster management arrangements in Australia. It analyses key legislation from the UK and US jurisdictions and reveals important lessons that could be adopted in Australia.