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An end to the industrial model of schooling?

The latest Gonski report points a way to the future of school reform, but has not broken with its disastrous past, writes Dean Ashenden.

Grand plans

TWO NEW REPORTS show that although the Rudd government is tackling some of the most difficult areas of social policy, we may need to borrow fresh thinking from our New Zealand neighbours.

Fremantle on their minds

SOME COMMENTATORS see the Greens victory in last Saturday’s Fremantle state by-election as an ominous sign for a Labor Party juggling the conflicting demands of its inner urban and outer suburban support bases. This may be so, but several caveats need to be borne in...

Evolution and creativity

Denis Dutton argues that humans evolved an aesthetic urge from the dawn of the species. The inevitable fierce debate has erupted again both within the evolutionary science community and across the science–religion fault lines. Via Skype from his home in Christchurch, New Zealand, Professor Dutton...

The permanent shift to temporary migration

A serious debate about this fundamental shift in policy has barely begun, writes Peter Mares on our partner website, INSIDE STORY

Battle over a war

For three decades the Australian War Memorial has been the focus of a struggle between two ways of knowing the past, writes Dean Ashenden on our partner site, INSIDE STORY


The federal government is so anxious to avoid debt that it’s endangering its main priorities, writes Brian Toohey on our partner site, INSIDE STORY.

The good, the bad and the Section 420s

The Australia–India relationship is on the cusp of something deep and mutually beneficial. It would be tragic if thugs and misunderstandings got in the way, writes Robin Jeffrey on our partner site, INSIDE STORY.

Rights versus compassion

Government policy should confer rights rather than privileges, writes Klaus Neumann on our partner website, INSIDE STORY.

Troubled waters

Can cooperative federalism deal with South Australia's dire lack of water, asks Robert Milliken on our partner site, INSIDE STORY.