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Reporting Indigenous Australia

This year's winner of the Graham Perkin Award for Journalism, The Australian's Tony Koch, speaks to the Media Report about the difficulties involved in covering Indigenous issues.

Three perspectives on China

Three very different perspectives on China and the media... from the changing nature of propaganda to the globalisation of the Chinese cinema and television industry. Interviews with Professor John Sinclair, ARC Professorial Fellow at Melbourne University; Professor Michael Curtin, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA); and...

Public broadcasting in Canada and Australia

A look at issues relating to public broadcasting in both Australia and Canada, including an interview with the out-going Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's News Division, Tony Burman.

On the record with Fairfax's David Kirk

Antony Funnell speaks with the Chief Executive Officer of Fairfax Media, David Kirk, about his organisation's pending merger with Rural Press. Much has been written about the benefits for shareholders, but what's in it for consumers?

Reporting on Indigenous issues

Antony Funnell interviews Tony Koch, senior reporter with The Australian newspaper, and this year's winner of the prestigious Graham Perkin Award for Journalism, an award he won for his coverage of Indigenous issues.

The future of community television

What does the future hold for community television? It's shaking off its hokey image and gaining more and more viewers across Australia, but at the same time it's also beginning to lose audience share as consumers switch from analogue to digital. Marooned for the moment...

The changing face of advertising

A look at the way in which the Australian advertising industry is adapting to the challenges of the modern age of communication.

Major cuts at the BBC

Staff cuts are to be made at the BBC - one of the world's most influential broadcasters. The Media Report interviews the former Executive Producer of Panorama, Steve Hewlett, now a London-based media commentator and analyst.

The British are coming!

The Media Report examines the BBC's designs on Australia in an interview with Wayne Garvie, the Managing Director of Content and Production at BBC Worldwide. The Beeb's commercial arm BBC Worldwide has us clearly in its sights. And it also has plans to expand its...

Murdoch's expansionary moves

In the US and Europe, News Corporation is in a predatory mood and the ever-hungry Murdoch empire just gets bigger and bigger.