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Conference paper

Exploring the human factors challenges of automated mining equipment

This project is aimed at understanding how new technologies can be developed in ways that take into account the human factors issues related to remote controlled/ automated mining equipment.
Discussion paper

Resourcing the future: national resources sector employment taskforce

This discussion paper set out major topics for the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce including examining the scope and timing of major resources projects; analysing the expected demand for labour and consider supply issues; and developing a plan to address labour and skills shortage issues...

Mining & metals: scenarios to 2030

This report is the outcome of a year-long process which brought together over 200 leaders from the private sector, government, academia and international and non-governmental organizations in a strategic dialogue structured by scenario planning methodology to consider the following central question: “How will the environment...

Neighbour of choice: a partnership model

This paper argues that the principles of a combined Neighbour of Choice model can be applied to any corporation/company and its localised, geographic communities or communities of interest.

Population growth, jobs growth and commuting flows in Perth

This is the first of a series of reports analysing spatial trends in population, employment and commuting in our five largest cities.

Mining booms and the Australian economy

Australia has experienced a sequence of mining booms since the European settlement of Australia. These have been a powerful force in shaping the Australian economy. This speech reviews the effect of these booms.
Journal article

Housing allowances and private renting in liberal welfare regimes

Explores the relevance of the concept of a liberal welfare regime to housing provision through an exploration of the interactions between governments, private markets and households in rental housing in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.
Journal article

Tenurial “competition”, tenure dynamics and the private rented sector

This paper re‐appraises the role of the private renting in the housing system drawing on a review of public policies toward the sector in six countries.
Journal article

Housing Inheritance and the Private Rental Sector in Australia

The impact of housing inheritance on housing provision has been overlooked in previous work, which has concentrated on quantifying housing wealth and ascertaining whether or not it results in or contributes to social stratification.
Journal article

Worlds Apart? Lower-income Households and Private Renting in Australia and the UK

The private rental sectors (PRS) in Australia and the UK differ substantially in terms of size and composition, institutional settings, and historical role in their respective housing systems.