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Snapshots of family relationships

Prepared to support the 2008 National Families Week, this report looks at: • Trends in couple partnering and childbearing • Relationships between partners • Opinions about developing and maintaining good relationships with a partner • Help-seeking if separating from a partner • Relationships between parents...

Towards a national aviation policy statement

A submission to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government in relation to Airport Planning and Development. This report offers a number of summary ideas for new approaches to airport area development and governance that would better integrate airport planning into the...

An overview of climate change: What does it mean for our way of life? What is the best future we can hope for?

This paper starts with the question of whether climate change will require a significant reduction of consumption among the richer people in the world, and ends with the most optimistic picture the author can conjure up, of the world in the year 2075. That hopeful...

Labour and labour-related laws in micro and small enterprises: Innovative regulatory approaches

This paper examines the application of labour law in micro and small enterprises by comparing the practices in various member States of the International Labour Organization. Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are increasingly a major source of employment creation, and therefore a focus of economic...

The resources boom and the two-speed economy

The resources boom has prompted much discussion of Australia having become a two-speed economy. There are concerns that the gains from the boom accrue largely to mining-related sectors and the states where these are concentrated, while the rest of the country is being hit by...

FIFO and regional development

This presentation described the reasons behind the fly-in fly-out phenomenon and the effect on rural communities.

Beyond the home gates: Life after growing up in Catholic institutions

Over the twentieth century, over half a million children were institutionalised across Australia, 100,000 of them in Victoria. This report, Beyond the Home Gates: Life After Growing Up in Catholic Institutions, was developed in the wake of the third of three Australian inquiries concerned with...

Telecommunications infrastructure report card 2007: an assessment of Australia's fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure

This report raises awareness of the importance of telecommunications infrastructure to the community's social and economic well being and aims to generate debate on the appropriate level of telecommunications infrastructure required to meet Australia's needs.The 2007 Telecommunications Infrastructure Report Card was undertaken to raise awareness...

Asian military modernisation

This Lowy Institute Perspective examines the patterns in Asian military spending in recent years and demonstrates that the region's military modernisation does not equate with an arms race. In this Lowy Institute Perspective, Visiting Fellow Ric Smith examines the patterns in Asian military spending in...
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Personal residential real estate investment in Australia: investor characteristics and investment parameters

This paper investigates a different aspect of housing supply, the private provision of rental housing through investment in existing properties.