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Education at a glance 2006: Highlights

This detailed, comparable and up-to-date collection of indicators on the performance of education systems focuses on the 30 OECD countries, including Australia, as well as some partner countries. The indicators look at who participates in education, what is spent on it, how education and learning...

SDG 4 data digest 2017 - The quality factor: strengthening national data to monitor Sustainable Development Goal 4

This report sets out a roadmap of strategies and tools to help countries produce vital data on education. The digest sets out the measurement challenges around the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 4: a quality education for every child by 2030.

Pillars of communities: service delivery professionals in small Australian towns 1981 – 2011

This report argues that consistent face-to-face access to service delivery professionals is an important part of improving outcomes in small towns and in improving longer-term economic and social prospects in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged places.
Journal article

Beyond literacy panics: digital literacy and educational optimism

Public debate over education has been beset in recent years by highly charged 'literacy wars' between conservatives and progressives, casting a pall of gloom over the direction of education generally. This article argues that the theme of 'digital literacy' has a potential to shift these...

Joint assessment of the institutional capacity management of the government of Vanuatu for the implementation of the Vanuatu education sector strategy

Development of the Vanuatu Education Sector Strategy (VESS) has been led by the Ministry of Education (MoE), which used a broad, consultative approach. The Council of Ministers (CoM) approved the general directions of the VESS in April 2007.

International education: Financial and organizational impacts in Australian universities

This research investigates the impact of international education on the mission and priorities, finances and financial systems, organizational cultures, facilities and services, academic organization and the character of education in Australian universities. The research team conducted interviews with senior executives, administrators and academic managers at...

Australian school-based prevention and early intervention programs for anxiety and depression: a systematic review

This review aims to establish the nature and efficacy of Australian school-based prevention and early intervention programs for anxiety and depression. A number of schools' programs produced positive outcomes. Well established programs require further evaluation to establish readiness for broad dissemination as outlined in the...

Building and spaces: why design matters

This booklet promotes the importance of architecture and design quality at all levels. Britain is witnessing its largest public building programme for a generation. Every city, town and neighbourhood will see a marked change in its fabric over the course of the next decade.

School education: a quick guide to key internet links - January 2018 update

This quick guide provides links to essential resources relating to Australian schooling, policy and administrative frameworks, and numerous state and territory government websites.

External Review of the Vanuatu Education Management Information System (VEMIS)

The purpose of this external review was to assess how effectively the 2007 Vanuatu Education Management Information System (VEMIS) Project’s design, mechanisms and implementation approach have been working and how to address identified areas of weakness or risk to sustainability. The goal of the review...