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Accountability in Queensland – known unknowns and unknown unknowns

Accountability covers a broad range of government actions intended to keep the voters informed of how the government is performing. Everyone wants accountability, but commonly only notice its absence when a scandal erupts. Invariably, scandals are accompanied by a claim that the public ought to...
Journal article

The long term viability of regional development organisations in rural areas

Discusses the emergence of Rural Development Organisations (RDOs) in small rural communities around Australia.
Discussion paper

Adani impact by Queensland electorate: how Galilee Basin development affects the economics and politics of the existing Queensland coal industry

This discussion paper draws on modelling by coal industry analysts, which shows that a big expansion of coal exports from the Galilee Basin would have a major impact on coal production from coal mines in the Bowen and Surat basins in southern Queensland.

Queensland building plan 2017

Queensland is set to implement a new building plan that will bring massive changes to many elements of the construction industry.

Redirecting Adani’s NAIF loan into other industries

Stopping the NAIF loan to Adani and redirecting it to other industries makes good sense economically, environmentally and politically, argues Tom Swann.
Journal article

Rigorous follow-up systems for abnormal results are essential to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Failure to follow up abnormal test results is an important patient safety issue and requires urgent attention.
Journal article

Achieving genuine broad-based community involvement in the regional development process

This article explores a range of practical study design considerations that need to be addressed if bottom-up input is to be effectively engaged in the regional development planning process.

Planning for hazardous industrial activities in Queensland

The paper outlines the systems used in Queensland, and suggests a possible approach to land-use planning for hazardous establishments that incorporates the ideas of total risk management.

Integrated transport planning

This audit report considers whether Queensland's approach to strategic transport planning enables effective use of transport resources and a transport system that is sustainable over the long term.
Briefing paper

FOI: Adani “may have been negligent”

Adani “may have been negligent” when it failed to disclose its CEO’s links to four earlier environmental offences, according to documents released under Freedom of Information.