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Evaluating logistics chain technology - Australian farmgate to port

Evaluates the use of technology in the land-based export supply chain, to ensure it maximises Australia's global competitiveness - technology in the transport and distribution of agricultural produce is relatively low in the logistics chain, but provides an opportunity for improved productivity with improved communication...
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Evaluating NRM: policies and programs

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of a research project which aimed to identify suitable methodologies for analysing the effectiveness of natural resource management (NRM) policies and programs at Commonwealth, State and regional levels, to demonstrate how the methodologies can be used to identify...

Evaluation of the Nyirranggulung East Katherine Nutrition Project

The Nyirranggulung Nutrition Project is a joint project between the The Fred Hollows Foundation and the Jawoyn Association in the Katherine region of the Northern Territory. The project aims to increase nutrition knowledge and the availability of affordable and nutritious foods in order to improve...
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Exclusion from access: this has stifled our development

The issues of self determination and comprehensive primary health care for Indigenous Australians are discussed in this paper, along with the work of the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations in their struggle for self determination.
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Economics of the Ageing: Generational Accounting and Regional Public Goods in Australia

The ageing of Australia raises many pressing questions for policy makers, not least is the formulation of economic policy that tackles difficult problems of equity and efficiency. Fortunately an embryonic Australian literature already exists that provides a solid basis for rational policy formulation, including the...
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Engaging the decision makers: planning with rural and remote communities for the delivery of health services using telecommunications networks

This project on health related telecommunications (telehealth) in Western Australia aimed to address the lack of a suitable, economically costed communications infrastructure to support telehealth in rural and remote areas. The project used participatory action research techniques and involved extensive community consultation. This paper discusses...
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Engaging with Indigenous Australians: principles, practices and learnings

Many mainstream non-government organisations committed to enhancing the wellbeing of Australians want to more positively engage with Indigenous Australians. But 'good intentions' do not guarantee that, at the very least, no damage is done through such engagement. This paper explores some of the principles and...

Deliberation in the wilderness: the far north Queensland citizen's jury

The Far North Queensland Citizen\'s Jury (FNQCJ) attempted to replicate the ideals of deliberative democracy in considering future management options for the Bloomfield Track, a controversial road between Cape Tribulation Qld and the Bloomfield River Qld. The FNQCJ consisted of 12 randomly selected citizens from...
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Developing an interpretive planning model for a national park system: A stakeholder-based needs assessment study for Korea

The focus of interpretive planning in Korean Naitonal Parks presented herein addresses, but extends beyond, stakeholders' wants and needs (SWAN). Parks, whether natural, cultural, or historical, have resource-dependent criteria or Resource Protection Criteria (RPC), such as maintenance of biological diversity, that must be recognized and...
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Developing policy for Australia's small towns: from anthropology to sustainability

Two approaches to learning about the structure and function of Australia's small towns are discussed in this paper: the community studies approach, which has a deep understanding of the forces operating within local communities but lacks a strong policy perspective; and the sustainability based approach...