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107141 | Tasmanian jobs - September 2017

The results of the combined Australia Institute Tasmania and Unions Tasmania’s jobs survey are in and they spotlight underemployment and unpaid work as key issues for respondents.

National Energy Emissions Audit – electricity update August 2017

This issue of the NEEA electricity update focuses on the network costs component of retail prices, with a look back at how and why this has increased over the past ten years.

Something fishy: socio-economic impacts of marine reserves in Australia

The Australian government is justifying it proposed plans to remove marine protections by arguing that they have an adverse effect on the fishing industry. However, there is little evidence of any significant negative impact of marine protection measures.

Dark side of the boom (Victoria)

State government agencies often lack basic information on how many mines are in operation, with still less published on closures and abandonments.
Discussion paper

Tasmania in pole position for electric car industry: the potential of electric vehicles in Tasmania

Around the world, governments are recognising the benefits of wide-scale electric vehicle use and are supporting their uptake through policy.

Climate of the nation: national report 2017

There has been strong interest in delving into the quantitative data behind the Climate of the Nation report, so the Australia Institute has released this material for anyone interested to use.
Discussion paper

Undermining our democracy: foreign corporate influence through the Australian mining lobby

This discussion paper suggests that the Australian mining industry is dominated by foreign corporate interests that are spending hundreds of millions of dollars influencing our political process.

Greenhouse implications of the proposed Sydney desalination plant

The Carr government has announced that it will build a desalination plant to help resolve the water supply shortage, unless there is enough rain in the next few months to raise storage levels to a 'safe' level. Desalination is an energy intensive process. Because electricity...
Briefing paper

If you build it, they will charge: sparking Australia’s electric vehicle boom

This paper looks at policies that Australian governments can implement to overcome the structural barriers that offer incentives to support electric vehicles.

National energy emissions audit - September 2017

Australia’s energy emissions continue to increase, breaking all-time records. Petroleum, in particular diesel consumption, is the main driver of emission increases.