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Foreign investment and Australian jobs: empirical estimates and policy questions

This report examines how foreign investment entering the Australian economy gives rise to a more advantageous set of employment outcomes.

The constant battle: suicide by veterans

This Senate committee report found that immediate, as well as longer-term action, is required to address suicide by veterans.

Snapshots of family relationships

Prepared to support the 2008 National Families Week, this report looks at: • Trends in couple partnering and childbearing • Relationships between partners • Opinions about developing and maintaining good relationships with a partner • Help-seeking if separating from a partner • Relationships between parents...

Do leaders' characteristics and organisational culture matter while downsizing? A study of publicly funded Australian universities

This research investigated why leaders would differ in their approaches to downsizing by exploring downsizing strategies while considering leaders’ characteristics and organisational culture in Australian universities.
Discussion paper

Modern slavery in supply chains reporting requirement: public consultation paper and regulation impact statement

The proposals outlined in this discussion paper would require large corporations and other entities operating in Australia to publish annual statements outlining their actions to address modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.
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'Absolute chaos' in Department of Veterans' Affairs: Lambie

A bi-partisan Senate committee is urging the Turnbull Government to urgently overhaul the care provided to veterans following a long-running inquiry into veteran suicide.

GEN - Aged care data

GEN is a one-stop-shop for aged-care data. This website improves availability and accessibility of information for the community and stakeholders, by making it accessible for all levels of users.

The social and economic cost of hearing loss in Australia

The Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to prepare this report, with the intention of raising awareness of the economic cost of hearing impairment in Australia and to inform policy making.

The impact of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement on the provision of health services in Australia

Bryan Mercurio details, evaluates and critically analyses the eight provisions relating to health services and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement. He argues that while the agreement may result in uncertainty and discontent among some in the Australian academic and health...

Provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition

The NDIS eligibility criteria for people with mental illness is a central concern for all stakeholders. This report found that whilst the current eligibility criteria could be improved to provide greater clarity, the apparent reliance on diagnosis, rather than functional needs, is likely to result...