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Australian social trends, 2008

Australian Social Trends 2008 is the 15th edition of an annual series that presents information on contemporary social issues and areas of public policy concern, and describes aspects of Australian society, and how these are changing over time. Australian Social Trends 2008 is the 15th...

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

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Housing and infrastructure in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Australia, 2006

The majority (85%) of Australia's 1,187 discrete Indigenous communities were in very remote localities, according to the ABS 2006 Community Housing and Infrastructure Needs Survey (CHINS) released April 17, 2007. Almost three-quarters (73%) of discrete Indigenous communities reported a population of less than 50 people...

Tourism marketing expenditure, Australia, 2005-06

This publication presents results for the 2005-06 Tourism Marketing Expenditure Survey with comparisons to the 2003-04 survey. The objective of the survey was to provide broad information about the level of expenditure by Australian private sector businesses on the marketing of Australian tourism domestically and...

Water account, Australia, 2004-05

Water Account, Australia presents information on the supply and use of water in the Australian economy in 2004-05. It analyses flows of water within and between the economy as well as other aspects of water use including agriculture and water supply, sewerage and drainage services.Water...

International trade in goods and services, Australia, March 2007

The trend estimate of the balance on goods and services in March 2007 was a deficit of $1,172m, an increase of $13m on the deficit in February. This report provides estimates for 15 months of the major aggregates for, and the balance on, international trade...

Persons not in the labour force, Australia, Sep 2008

One in three (33%) Australians aged 15 years and over (5.5 million people) were not in the labour force in September 2008, according to statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The majority (61%) of these were women (3.3 million). Almost one-third (30%) of...

Australian social trends, March 2009

Australians are more likely to live together before marriage, have 'his and her' household chores and use more energy in their homes, according to the ABS' quarterly snapshot of society.Australians are more likely to live together before marriage, have 'his and her' household chores and...

Sport and recreation: a statistical overview, Australia, 2006

This ABS report gives an overview of sport and leisure participation in Australia. The most popular physical recreation activity for both males and females was walking for exercise. However, the participation rate was much higher for females (32.9%) than it was for males (17.5%). The...

Emergency management information development plan, 2006

The Emergency Management Information Development Plan (EMIDP) is a national strategic framework of emergency management research initiatives in Australia. The EMIDP identifies key issues and data; presents agreed priorities and plans for improving relevance, coverage, comparability and quality of information; and identifies responsibilities for progressing...