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Design faults: the Asia Pacific's regional architecture, policy brief

The Asia Pacific region has too many regional organisations, yet they are still unable to do all the things required of them. This matters at a time when the rising power of China and India presents new challenges. There is a need for a new...

Once more with feeling: Russia and the Asia-Pacific

This analysis argues that real changes are taking place, both in Moscow’s approach towards the Asia-Pacific and in Russian foreign policy more generally. There is a demonstrably greater appetite to reach out to the countries and institutions of the Asia-Pacific region.

Crisis and confidence: major powers and maritime security in Indo-Pacific Asia

Risks are growing that China-centric maritime incidents could lead to war in Asia. Authors Rory Medcalf and Raoul Heinrichs, with maritime adviser Justin Jones, examine the drivers of Asia’s growing maritime ‘crisis of confidence’, including clashes of sovereignty, national pride and military strategy. They examine...

Heating up the planet: climate change and security

Alan Dupont and Graeme Pearman canvass the international security consequences of climate change especially for Australia's Asia-Pacific neighbourhood. Their paper examines the implications of temperature increases and sea level rise for food, water, energy, infectious diseases, natural disasters and environmental refugees and asks whether scientists...

Australia, Indonesia and the world: public opinion and foreign policy

This report contains responses from both Australia and Indonesia to questions on foreign and security policy, global affairs, and each other.

Lowy Institute Poll 2011: Australia and the world

New questions this year cover attitudes towards the US alliance and the war in Afghanistan, opinions on basing US forces in Australia, WikiLeaks, foreign aid and the intervention in Libya. The Poll also repeated questions asked in previous years, revealing trends in public opinion on...

Diplomatic disrepair: rebuilding Australia's international policy infrastructure

A review of Australia's overseas diplomatic network and a comparison with the foreign services of other developed nations. Three years ago, the Lowy Institute brought together a panel of eminent Australians to review the instruments with which Australia seeks to engage the wider world and...

Uncharted waters: The US alliance and Australia's new era of strategic uncertainty

Taking Australian public attitudes into perspective, this paper focuses on the current and future challenges facing the Australia-US alliance, with a focus on China's rise. September 2011 marks two important milestones - the tenth anniversary of the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 60th anniversary...

World wide webs: Diasporas and the international system

This paper argues that diasporas (communities which live outside, but retain their connections with, their homelands) are getting larger, thicker and stronger – with important implications for global economics, identity, politics and security. The author compares diasporas to 'world wide webs' emanating from states, with...
Discussion paper

Improving access to climate financing for the Pacific Islands

Executive summary The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) commits developed countries to provide assistance to ‘developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change in meeting the costs of adaptation.’