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Discussion paper

The price is right: setting a floor price on alcohol in the Northern Territory

The report explores the association between low alcohol prices and high levels of alcohol-related harm in the Northern Territory. It examines the impact of floor prices implemented in other countries to consider how similar policies might work in Australia.

Ageism isn’t the only barrier keeping older workers out of jobs

Ageism isn’t the only barrier keeping older workers out of jobs.

NDIS: WA disability services sector development plan

This WA disability services industry plan provides a snapshot of the key findings, analysis of service capability and strategies for transition.

The social sciences shape the nation

This volume seeks to provide a response to the question “Just what is it that the social sciences do?”

Cashless debit card trial evaluation: final evaluation report

This report presents the final findings of the evaluation into the trial of a Cashless Debit Card (CDC) for income support payments (ISPs) in two remote communities.

50 Lives 50 Homes: a housing first response to homelessness

The aim of the '50 Lives 50 Homes' project is to house and provide support to fifty of Perth’s most vulnerable homeless people. This research report constitutes the first of three reports for the evaluation of the project.

On being religious: towards an alternative theory of religion and secularity

This occasional paper sets out to develop an alternative engaged theory of religion and secularity.

This is what the lives of Big Issue sellers tell us about working and being homeless

There is a need for more co-ordinated and comprehensive policy responses to – and resources for – homelessness, entrenched disadvantaged and long-term unemployment, writes Jessica Gerrard.

High Court gives go-ahead for marriage ballot

The High Court has struck down the challenges to the same-sex marriage ballot, clearing the way for voting papers to start going out next week.

GALFA LGBTQ homelessness research project - final report

Anecdotal and practitioner accounts indicate that homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) people in Australia is a pervasive concern.