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Journal article

International variation in neighborhood walkability, transit, and recreation environments using geographic information systems: the IPEN adult study

This article shows that comparable measures can be created across a range of cultural settings revealing profound global differences in urban form relevant to physical activity.

Getting it right: Indigenous enterprise success in the resources sector

There are many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that are doing their bit to build opportunities for Indigenous people. Many are running small to medium sized businesses developing and maintaining partnerships with big business in the resources industry. Getting it right brings some of...

Understanding the impact of Royalties for Regions

The Royalties for Regions program commenced in Western Australia in 2008. The objective of the program is to promote and facilitate economic, business and social development in regional Western Australia through the operation of the Royalties for Regions Fund.

The structure of the Western Australian economy

This paper examines the underlying structure of the Western Australian economy and its transformation over the past ten years. The industries examined are mining and petroleum, manufacturing, services, construction, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, energy, water, waste; and non-market activities such as public administration and safety...

An examination of customer perceptions of effectiveness and standards in essential functions and services delivery in rural communities

In this study, customers/consumers, representatives of public sector provider organizations, and elected policy makers conveyed their perceptions of factors influencing essential functions and services delivery in selected Western Australian rural communities.

Housing affordability: the real cost of housing in WA

The cost of housing in Western Australia has been a recurrent theme in discussions in West Australian homes, businesses and the policy environment. A long held perception is that housing affordability in the state has spiralled out of control, with rents along with house prices...

Opportunities to improve New Zealand's policy coherence for development

Policy coherence for development (PCD) is a widening of the analysis of the performance of Official Development Assistance (ODA) policy to also include other government policies that could affect development outcomes.

Melbourne vital signs 2014

This report outlines key indicators assessing the quality of life, health and well-being of residents in metropolitan Melbourne.

REIA submission to the VET Reform Taskforce on draft training provider and regulator standards Real Estate Institute of Australia

The overriding objectives of the proposed standards are to be flexible and responsive to industry, less onerous, reduce costs for RTOs and less of a regulatory burden for RTOs. Furthermore the national training system is to be industry led, using appropriately skilled trainers and assessors...
Discussion paper

Crowd-sourced equity funding

This discussion paper forms the basis of the Government’s consultation on Crowd-sourced equity funding (CSEF). It seeks feedback on aspects of potential CSEF models, including a model recommended by the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee in a report on CSEF released in June 2014, as...