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Emissions targets and least cost generation options

The study determined the least cost generation mix required to meet the following emission targets for the power generation sector at 2030: 140% of 2000 emissions; 100% of 2000 emissions' 70% of 2000 emissions. The study considered three technology suites for power generation: All known...

Accountability in Queensland – known unknowns and unknown unknowns

Accountability covers a broad range of government actions intended to keep the voters informed of how the government is performing. Everyone wants accountability, but commonly only notice its absence when a scandal erupts. Invariably, scandals are accompanied by a claim that the public ought to...

Towards a workable global emissions scheme – building on our relative strengths

The leading authorities on climate change have indicated that countries should be aiming to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations at 550 ppmv of CO2. This will restrict global warming to about 2.8°C, which is the upper limit for averting the worst impacts of climate change. It...

Overview of the 'Energy and emissions study'

ESAA observed in early 2005 that many of the public statements being made by a wide variety of opinion shapers and decision makers were without the benefit of informed, expert and fact-based analysis of the outlook for greenhouse emissions from the stationary energy sector and...

Gender and the Australian Parliament

Despite increasing numbers of women entering federal politics, female MPs have failed to drive an agenda of social change in the Australian Parliament. This conclusion has been reached through a study of 13 male and 15 female current federal MPs, whose views were sought on...

Widening horizons: Australia's new relationship with India

This report examines the effects this will have on the strategic architecture of Asia and the challenges facing Australia in developing the relationship between the two countries. Given India’s rise as a significant Indian Ocean and Asian power, Australia has pressing reasons for developing a...

Australian university student finances 2006

This report affirms the financial difficulties many young Australians face in completing their university studies. The findings from this AVCC survey indicate that on balance students are worse off today in financial terms than in 2000, especially full-time undergraduate students, which is adversely affecting their...

An investigation of the enablers and barriers to industry uptake of e-learning: Small business: Executive Summary

The primary purpose of this study was to gain a comprehensive picture of the status of e-learning in small business in Australia and to highlight the barriers and impediments to increased use of e-learning solutions. This report, by the national training system's e-learning strategy, the...
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W(h)ither low cost private rental housing?

This paper uses census data for 1986 and 1996 to estimate the shortage of low cost private rental stock in Australia.

Review of privacy: credit reporting provisions

This report examines rapid advances in information, communication, storage, surveillance and other relevant technologies; possible changing community perceptions of privacy and the extent to which privacy should be protected by legislation; the expansion of state and territory legislative activity in areas relevant to privacy; and...