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The Piccoli prescription

The former NSW education minister says Australia has a cultural problem when it comes to schooling.

Handbook on measuring equity in education

This resource provides practical guidance on the calculation and interpretation of indicators designed to target the most disadvantaged groups. It addresses the current knowledge gaps and provides a conceptual framework to measure equity in learning, drawing on examples of equity measurement across seventy-five national education...

Measuring educational outcomes: vocational education and training

This paper provides a history of performance measurement for the vocational education and training (VET) sector, beginning with the creation of the Australian National Training Authority in 1992 and ending with what we know of the current reforms. As well as discussing the various measures...

Revisiting Indigenous education

This paper argues that there is no ‘gap’ between the literacy and numeracy of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The gap is between Indigenous students in mainstream schools and Indigenous students in non-performing remote schools.

Regional Universities Network submission to the Independent review into regional, rural and remote education

Education should be seen as a major lever to drive economic development in regional Australia. Issues, policy and funding around school education and transition to work or further education should not be seen in isolation from other issues around regional economic development.
Policy report

Barriers to education for people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas

People seeking asylum have constantly expressed to RCOA their keen desire to improve their English and to undertake further education in order to contribute to Australia. There are currently around 30,000 asylum seekers living in Australia who arrived by boat and are waiting to have...

Education for all 2007 global monitoring report

What are the benefits of programs for the very young? Why have countries been slow to implement policies that integrate care, health, nutrition and education? Besides taking a closer look at early childhood care and education, this fifth edition of the report assesses progress towards...

Score! Transforming NCEA data

NCEA completion rates have been increasing, with more children than ever earning an NCEA diploma. However, New Zealand’s performance on international benchmarks in numeracy and literacy has been flat or declining.

The 2008 graduate pathways survey: Graduates' education and employment outcomes five years after completion of a bachelor degree at an Australian university

Most Australian graduates are enjoying employment success and earning high salaries according to this report. The 2008 Graduate Pathways Survey was designed to gain information on employment outcomes five years after completing a bachelor degree, how these changed from graduates’ initial outcomes, the pathways taken...

The role of further education and training in welfare to work policies

The focus of this paper is the training and education needs of jobless Australians with limited education and skills: more than half those jobless people affected by the Welfare to Work policy have Year 10 qualifications or less, including more than 60 per cent of...