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Emergency management information development plan, 2006

The Emergency Management Information Development Plan (EMIDP) is a national strategic framework of emergency management research initiatives in Australia. The EMIDP identifies key issues and data; presents agreed priorities and plans for improving relevance, coverage, comparability and quality of information; and identifies responsibilities for progressing...

Local government and economic development

This report examines whether Victorian councils’ economic development activities help to improve the economic viability and sustainability of their municipalities.

Aid, poverty, and gender inequality in the Indo-Pacific

The erosion of long-standing Australian aid programs in many neighbouring countries means less development, poorer health outcomes, more poverty, and greater deprivation, writes Penny Wong.

Policy Quarterly issue in focus: the digital economy and society

This edition includes contributions on issues at the heart of the new government’s policy agenda, commencing with three future-focused issues: the implications of the digital revolution, the crucial role of technology platforms in economic development, and recent efforts to enhance foresight in policy-making.

Charity still ends at home: the continuing decline of Australia’s official development assistance

This reports suggest that Australia’s aid spending, already at record lows, could be cut further, making our aid contribution proportionately lower than that of Greece.

A handbook on how to build local economies and stop relying on trickle down economics

This handbook provides tools for supporting economic development of a whole local economy, rather than any single enterprise. It includes case studies from different cultures, which identify critical success factors and presents tools for understanding how the local economy works.
Journal article

The Pacific Islands: new priorities for a new development era

The Pacific Island Countries (PICs) face the most daunting development challenge in the world: they are extraordinarily isolated, very small, and saddled with fragmented markets, inadequate infrastructure, fragile ecosystems, and exceptionally high vulnerability to climate change.
Journal article

The nature of public policy processes in the Pacific Islands

This article argues that public policy processes in Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Samoa have insufficiently addressed the context, problems and needs of societies to which policies have been directed.

OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: New Zealand 2015

The objectives of DAC peer reviews are to improve the quality and effectiveness of development co-operation policies and systems, and to promote good development partnerships for better impact on poverty reduction and sustainable development in developing countries.

New Zealand's cooperation in the Pacific: report of the Forum Peer Review 2015

New Zealand is a committed and effective development partner that actively seeks to apply the principles of aid effectiveness in a pragmatic way considering the varying capabilities in different countries and contexts and the challenges of implementing projects of various kinds.. The report provides a...