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Discussion paper

Discussion guide: the community engagement charter

This guide has been produced to help South Australians develop the new Community Engagement Charter for Planning. This Guide includes information on what a Community Engagement Charter is, what the principles of good community engagement are, and some examples of good community engagement practice in...

The South Australian bike economy

This report argues that South Australia's cycling assets could be leveraged to grow the SA bike economy - connecting state priorities in tourism to regional development and health. It argues the bike economy could be a ‘smart specialisation’ for the state.
Journal article

Bounded choices: The problematisation of longterm care for people ageing with an intellectual disability in rural communities

This article examines in-depth interviews with six families in rural South Australia, that were conducted to explore their experiences of caring in the community and future post-parental care plan for their son/daughter with an intellectual disability.

Prevalence of elder abuse in South Australia

Understanding and awareness of elder abuse as a significant problem is well understood but not comprehensively documented by key government and non-government agencies within South Australia

Evaluation of the Housing SA new service delivery model: complete report

A key strategy to deliver this project has been to establish a practice culture that permits and enables the Housing SA workforce at all levels to consider a person’s needs, safety and well-being, as well as policy adherence and process in developing a service response.

The potential benefits of reforming migration policies to address South Australia’s needs: report 3 policy solutions

This report highlights a range of potential changes to migration policy that would mean the system would better meet the needs of the South Australian economy and its businesses.

Muslims in Australia and their aged care needs: an exploratory study with special reference to South Australia

The report provides insights into Islam and Muslims so as to put the issue of Muslim aged care into proper perspective; it also provides opportunity to clarify some concepts in the context of Muslims, such as culture, ethnicity, and spirituality.

Mobilong Prison Radio pilot: final report

The Mobilong prison radio pilot was an action research community project that involved a series of radio production workshops with a group of prisoners, and culminated in a CD to be used to assist new prisoners through their induction at the prison.
Journal article

Young and homeless in rural South Australia

Youth homelessness is widely acknowledged as an area of concern and it has received reasonable focus and research attention in metropolitan areas. However, the particular concerns and needs of rural youth have not generally been investigated or documented.
Journal article

Dealing with youth homelessness beyond the capitals

Introduction to a special issue of Parity that looked at the experiences of homeless young people in rural parts of Australia