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From an unconscious state

Something is missing from the debates about teaching history in Australian schools, even though their explosive, raw and at times distinctly personal quality must surely be a good sign. If we are not prepared to shout and bang on tables over history and kids, then...

Towards a fairer and stronger TPP

The recently signed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreements for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), the latest version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), presents the United States with a tremendous opportunity. Ultimately, the U.S participating in a living and breathing agreement like CPTPP would cement America's status as...

The future of the United States and Europe: an irreplaceable partnership

How the EU responds to the Trump administration will be the hallmark of how it sees its role in the world, and how successful it will be in promoting its worldview.
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China: never mind the panic

This essay argues that in spite of the global financial crisis, Australia-China relations are too important to "leave to panicked shareholders and financial institutions".

New significance to resumed India-China strategic and economic dialogue

There is no doubt that there is immense scope and potential for Chinese investment in India, especially in infrastructure. New Delhi, for its part, should not be bogged down by the baggage of the past and must work to address key issues, such as bureaucracy...
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Aid policy and Australian public opinion

Since 2013, Australian aid has been reduced and increasingly focused on delivering benefits to Australia. Motivated by these changes, this paper fills three gaps in the existing literature on public opinion about aid. It provides the only recent detailed study of Australians' opinions about aid.
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Human rights: Australia versus the UN

Australia prides itself on being a 'good international citizen'. But how does Australia fare with regard to human rights from an international perspective asks Hilary Charlesworth. It is a party to all major human rights treaties and yet reluctant to make them work at a...

India: beyond the sea wall - chronic neglect and Australia-India relations

This essay looks for an end to "neglect" in Australia-India relations and finds the usual reversion to cricket metaphors - talk of "dropped catches" in the games of diplomacy and trade - demonstrates an evident lack of understanding within Australian institutions of the vast changes...

Inquiry into the economic, social and strategic trends in Australia’s region and the consequences for our defence requirements: submission no.2

Former senior defence department strategist Allan Behm urges the federal government to begin planning for a 'tectonic shift' in the power balance in Asia, which will see China's economic and military power rival and even surpass that of the US. Australia would need to place...

The good, the bad and the Section 420s

The Australia–India relationship is on the cusp of something deep and mutually beneficial. It would be tragic if thugs and misunderstandings got in the way, writes Robin Jeffrey on our partner site, INSIDE STORY.