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Effects of health on wages of Australian men

As a form of human capital health, like education, determines an individual's productivity and thus wage rates. While there are numerous overseas studies that examine the effect of health on wages, research on this issue using Australian data is scarce. Lixin Cai investigates the effect...
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Aligning policy objectives and payment design in palliative care

This article argues that if palliative care is to become a universally accessible service, new approaches to funding, based on the experience of funding reforms in other parts of the health system, need to be adopted.
Discussion paper

Poverty, climate change and health in Pacific Island countries

This discussion paper highlights the considerable health, social and economic consequences of climate change in the developing countries of the Pacific Ocean, where fragile environments, failing economies, poor population health, and a shortage of needed workforce skills mean there are fewer resources to prevent and...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health labour force statistics and data quality assessment

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health labour force statistics and data quality assessment provides comprehensive data on the Indigenous health labour force. Data are drawn from censuses, surveys and administrative data sources. The report presents information on Indigenous medical practitioners, nurses, Aboriginal health workers and...
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Strengthening field-based training in low and middle-income countries to build public health capacity:

The International Health Regulations (2005) and the emergence and global spread of infectious diseases have triggered a re-assessment of how rich countries should support capacity development for communicable disease control in low and medium income countries

Renegotiating community life: Arts, agency, inclusion and wellbeing

As part of a broader emphasis on addressing the ‘social determinants’ of health and wellbeing, health promotion agencies in Australia and elsewhere have increasingly turned to arts participation as a strategy for reducing social isolation. However, research on the relationships between arts participation and its...
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Canada’s response to refugees at the primary health care level

This article outlines some of Canada’s healthcare responses for refugee populations.

Evaluation of a nurse practitioner education programme

This report is an evaluation of the New Zealand Nurse Practitioner Education programme. Overall the evaluation report is positive. Most students completed the course in the time required and achieved registration within three months of completion.

The Lord Darzi Review of health and care: interim report

This interim report of the Lord Darzi Review of Health presents evidence in preparation for the final report, which will be published in the lead up to 70th anniversary of the NHS, and will set out a long-term funding and reform plan for health and...

National health survey: summary of results, 2007-08

The National Health Survey of 2007-08 examines the key health issues in Australia. Some of the key health risk factors highlighted in this report are obesity, alcohol consumption and smoking. Overweight and Obesity More adult Australians were overweight or obese in 2007-08 compared with 1995...