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The knowledge city index: a tale of 25 cities in Australia 2017

How will the changing nature of work and the transformation enabled by new technologies and the knowledge economy play out in Australia? To better understand these impacts on our cities and inform our policy and planning responses, this report builds a knowledge cities index (KCI)...

NSW economic update winter 2017

The Winter 2017 edition of the NSW Economic Update presents a current snapshot of the NSW economy and provides relevant points of comparison with other Australian States and Territories.

What value do Australian employers give to qualifications?

Lee Ridoutt, Chris Selby Smith, Kevin Hummel, Christina Cheang look at how employers value and use qualifications in their business decisions. Their research indicates clear differences in the value placed on and use made of qualifications by employers for different groups of workers and occupations...

Analysis of the long-distance commuter workforce across Australia

This report investigated the size and distribution of the non-resident or long distance commuter workforce by industry and geography over time. While this report provides a national perspective, it is the nine sampled mining regions that form the focus of the report.
Conference paper

Exploring the human factors challenges of automated mining equipment

This project is aimed at understanding how new technologies can be developed in ways that take into account the human factors issues related to remote controlled/ automated mining equipment.

Interview results: emerging trends on the human factors issues regarding automated mining equipment

This interim report details the outcomes of interviews conducted with technology developers, mine site and corporate mining personnel, regulators and mining human factors academics/consultants.
Literature review

Literature review: emerging human factors trends regarding automated mining equipment

This review of literature explores the emerging human factors trends with automated mining equipment.

Exploring the social dimensions of autonomous and remote operation mining: applying social licence in design

This report summarises the findings of a three-year study investigating the social dimensions of autonomous and remote operations technologies in the Australian mining sector.

Fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) and family and domestic violence: an exploratory study of the association between FIFO work arrangements and family and domestic violence

This research, by the Department for Child Protection and Family Support (the Department), working with the Western Australia Police (WA Police) and specialist family and domestic violence crisis and support services, sought to explore the association between Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) work arrangements and family and domestic...

Working under the NDIS: insights from a survey of employees in disability services

Insights from a survey of almost 1,500 disability service workers and their experiences of working under the NDIS.