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Policy report

Clean, reliable power: roadmap to a renewable future

This Climate Council roadmap outlines how Australia can cut its rising greenhouse gas pollution levels, while continuing the transition to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and storage technology.

Labour mobility: the ten billion dollar prize

Pacific Island countries face unique development challenges. They are far away from major markets, often with small populations spread across many islands and vast distances, and are at the forefront of climate change and its impacts. Because of this, much research has focused on the...

Caroline Noller on the case for a NABERS-style embodied carbon scheme

Addressing energy use in the built environment is just one aspect of the carbon reduction challenge, according to The Footprint Company chief executive Dr Caroline Noller. Addressing the embodied carbon in building materials is also vital. Dr Noller told The Fifth Estate international data showed...
Journal article

Land radiative management as contributor to regional-scale climate adaptation and mitigation

Greenhouse gas emissions urgently need to be reduced. Even with a step up in mitigation, the goal of limiting global temperature rise to well below 2 °C remains challenging. Consequences of missing these goals are substantial, especially on regional scales. Because progress in the reduction...

World Bank: let climate-threatened Pacific islanders migrate to Australia or NZ

Australia and New Zealand should allow open migration for citizens of Pacific nations threatened by climate change, to boost struggling island economies and prevent a later mass forced migration, a paper from the World Bank argues.
Journal article

A dispute in the making: a critical examination of displacement, climate change and the Pacific Islands

The purpose of this paper is to present a forward-looking case of climate change induced displacement in the Pacific Islands as a multidimensional phenomenon with a moral dimension.

Climate policy is a fiendish problem for governments – time for an independent authority with real powers

Scientific problems require evidence-led solutions. A new proposal to create a federal environmental decision-making body would take some of the politics out of climate policy.

Hazelwood’s closure in review: what happened 12 months on?

This report looks at what has transpired over the period since the closure of Hazelwood and how its contribution to meeting Victoria’s electricity demand since it closed was covered. The report also considers the contribution that new large-scale renewables under construction and demand side activities...
Policy report

Decarbonising maritime transport: Pathways to zero-carbon shipping by 2035

This report provides an updated baseline scenario for the development of emissions to 2035 and gives an overview of measures that can effectively reduce shipping emissions.
Discussion paper

Possible design for a national greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme

This Discussion Paper has been prepared by the National Emissions Trading Taskforce, which reports to the Premiers and Chief Ministers of all Australian States and Territories. The paper sets out a possible design for a national emissions trading scheme. The scheme is designed to achieve...