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Temporary labour schemes, the new avenue of social mobility: case study Vanuatu

Using evidence-based research of ni-Vanuatu workers in the Seasonal Worker Programme, this paper argues that this strategic policy of encouraging development for Pacific island nations is effective, and that participating in labour migration provides workers with new avenues of social mobility.

Vanuatu Roads for Development Program - independent evaluation - final report

This evaluation concluded that Australia should continue supporting Vanuatu’s rural road sub-sector.

Growing calls for better recognition of "what blackbirding really was"

Support is growing for better recognition of Australian South Sea Islanders.

Reference portfolios for sovereign funds in Pacific Island nations

Third in a series of papers on the role of Sovereign Funds (SFs) in the Pacific Islands, this report suggests a 'reference portfolio' approach as a benchmark governance choice for Pacific Island funds

Improving the performance of sovereign funds in the Pacific

This report summarises the research that has been undertaken on Sovereign Funds in the Pacific and draws out key findings, lessons and opportunities for funds to move closer to “best practice”.
Discussion paper

Getting in: college choice for Pacific Islander high school football players

This research should inform policymakers, staff, faculty and administrators about the goals and expectations that Pacific Islander student-athletes bring with them to college, in order to better serve and support this population.

Bridging the Timor gap

A surprise agreement in the Timor Sea boundary dispute vindicates Timor-Leste’s strategy. Michael Leach explains.

Australia's support of coal a source of resentment for Pacific Island countries

The leaders of small Pacific island countries say Australia's continuing support of coal as a source of energy and export revenue, is causing resentment in the region.

New Zealand's Maori language week an example to Australia

Maori Language celebrations were born in the early 1970s into a climate of widespread rejection and even hostility.

“Coconut water in a Coca Cola bottle” in search of an identity: a New Zealand-born Samoan Christian in a globalized world

An investigation into New Zealand-born Samoan identity in the Congregational Christian Church Samoa.