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Election 2007: affordable rental housing

Two key proposals for improving the supply of affordable rental housing - a National Affordable Housing Agreement and a National Affordable Rental Incentive - are the principal focus of this paper. Two key proposals for improving the supply of affordable rental housing - a National...

Housing Australia

Housing affordability issues are likely to persist in some capital cities and could have longer term economic implications for Australia, while the issue of land supply needs greater focus, according to this CEDA report.
Policy report

Connecting minds collective action

This document is a report on the findings from the day which was framed around the three key topics: Why housing matters; A vision for Auckland; and Acting for change.

Developers push build-to-rent housing amid calls to tackle affordability

Property developer, Mirvac, is pushing ahead with a 'build-to-rent' housing project. Will it improve affordability for renters?

Review of rent models for social and affordable housing: final report

The NSW Government asked IPART to undertake an independent review of social and affordable housing rent models. This review is one of the actions under the government’s social housing strategy, 'Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW.'

Valuing social housing - final research report

This research is aimed at building an evidence base which supports investment across both housing and non-housing outcomes. This evidence base aims to strengthen the policy environment for housing as an essential piece of social and economic infrastructure.
Discussion paper

The property ladder after the financial crisis: the first step is a stretch but those who make it are doing ok

This paper investigates how things have changed since the global financial crisis for those stepping onto the property ladder in Australia.

Leaving Minto: a study of the economic and social impacts of public housing estate redevelopment

This research aims to fill a number of gaps in understanding the public housing urban renewal process in New South Wales.

Election 2007: voters and VAMPIREs - the electoral geography of household exposure to rising petrol, mortgage and general price pressures

This article examines the geography of household socio-economic vulnerability to rising fuel and mortgage interest rates in Brisbane, Melbourne Sydney, Adelaide and Perth to assess the potential influence these patterns may exert on the forthcoming Australian federal election. We find that transport and housing costs...