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Developing the Nurse Practitioner Role in a Rural Australian Hospital: A Delphi Study of Practice Opportunities, Barriers and Enablers

Objectives: To gain a consensus view of potential roles for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in a rural Australian hospital and identify the barriers and enablers in their development and implementation. Design: A three round Delphi study. Setting: A rural hospital. Participants: Twenty eight nurses, five doctors...

The research library's role in digital repository services

Libraries are making diverse contributions to the development of many types of digital repositories, particularly those housing locally created digital content - including new digital objects or digitized versions of locally held works.Digital repositories are developing rapidly as a key element of research cyberinfrastructure. Even...

Momentum: The 2008 report on university research and knowledge mobilization

This report provides stakeholders, leaders and members of the public with a comprehensive account of federal investments in university research and the value of this research to Canadians.This publication is the second edition of AUCC's report on the collective efforts of universities with respect to...
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Development as social transformation: Assessing the value of social capital in microfinance and its role in the success of the Grameen Bank

Given the growing urgency of combating poverty in the 21st century, this paper discusses the value of promoting microfinance as a development tool, namely the Grameen Bank model, to engender a more inclusive, participatory and most importantly, sustainable approach to international development. This paper contextualizes...
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DEVELOPMENT IN THE 'FIRST WORLD': Alleviating Indigenous Disadvantage in Australia - the Dilemma of Difference

The levels of Indigenous disadvantage in Australia are startling compared with those of the rest of the nation. Despite various government initiatives and legal reforms, systemic poverty remains prevalent in Aboriginal communities. In the Northern Territory, this has culminated in the Emergency Intervention initiated by...

Books Alive 2008 - reader research

This report measures the impact of the Books Alive campaign on increasing interest and participation in reading and provides the industry with statistics and information to better promote reading and Australian writing. Books Alive is an Australian Government nationwide campaign to promote books and reading.
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Doctor supply in Australia: rural-urban imbalances and regulated supply

This paper reviees the debate on the supply of doctors in Australia from an economic perspective. It focuses on the supply between urban and rural areas and on Australia's reliance on foreign-born overseas-trained doctors. Evidence shows that doctors are concentrated in cities and rural Australians...

Trends in communications and media technology, applications and use

This report provides an overview of infrastructure, applications, social and economic trends and developments, and anticipated developments over the next five to ten years. provides an overview of infrastructure, applications, social and economic trends and developments, and anticipated developments over the next five to ten...

Evaluation of Primary Health Care Funding to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services

The overarching objective of the evaluation was to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of: the Department's management of PHCF program as funded to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services (ATSIHSs); program service delivery by ATSIHSs in improving access to effective primary health care services...

Evaluation of Service Delivery in Remote Indigenous Communities

The overall goal of the evaluation was to report on the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of Australian Government arrangements for the administration of Indigenous programs in remote communities.