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Bush lawyers in New South Wales and Queensland: A spatial analysis

This article deals with the effect that different structures for the legal profession might have on supporting legal practice. There is a particular focus on Queensland, and its Law Society's claim that conveyancing protection is important infrastructure for practice in the bush. A spatial analysis...

Australian hospital statistics 2007-08

This report presents a broad range of information about types of admissions to and expenditure in Australian public and private hospitals. In 2007-08 there were: 7.9 million hospitalisations , 60% of these were in public acute hospitals; 566,000 admissions from public hospital elective surgery waiting...
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Bush telegraph: improving outcomes for rural and remote patients with chronic heart failure

Given the public health burden of chronic heart failure (CHF) within the community, difficulties in patient access to health services in rural and remote areas, and the relative high morbidity and mortality of this disease, new strategies are urgently required. However, the allocation of health...

Commonwealth Indigenous budget bulletin - June 2009

The Indigenous Budget Bulletin is prepared by the Macroeconomics health team to help engender public debate and scrutiny of Indigenous budget policy. The bulletins are published at least twice a year (coinciding with the release of the Budget and the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal...
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Bushwhacked or Networked Health Reform?

People who live in rural and regional Australia have a right to the same quality of health service as all Australians ... but the reality is very different. Achieving equality of care will take technology, commitment and political willpower.
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Human rights: Australia versus the UN

Australia prides itself on being a 'good international citizen'. But how does Australia fare with regard to human rights from an international perspective asks Hilary Charlesworth. It is a party to all major human rights treaties and yet reluctant to make them work at a...

Business Success Factors

The focus of this project was to identify the factors that contributed to the success of businesses in desert Australia. In particular, the study was designed to determine: " how successful these businesses had been over the last three years " what factors were used...

Location and segregation: The distribution of the Indigenous population across Australia's urban centres

This paper focuses on which cities and large towns Indigenous Australians live in, how the Indigenous population is distributed by neighbourhood within these cities and towns, and what the characteristics of the neighbourhoods are in which Indigenous Australians are concentrated. According to the 2006 Census...
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Can evaluating Indigenous students' aspirations make a difference? Results of an evaluation study

This paper presents findings from a study on the educational and occupational aspirations of Indigenous secondary students, which was commissioned by the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training. 1,686 urban and rural, Indigenous and non-Indigenous secondary students were surveyed about their life goals, employment...

Interacting with Government: Australians' use and satisfaction with e-government services - 2008

Interacting with Government explores Australians’ use and satisfaction with e‑government services provided through the internet and telephone. It investigates: how people contact government by internet, telephone, in-person or mail satisfaction with these means of contacting government, including reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction reasons why people...