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Physical activity in relation to urban environments in 14 cities worldwide: a cross-sectional study

This article aimed to document how objectively measured attributes of the urban environment are related to objectively measured physical activity, in an international sample of adults.
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Exploring the relationship between resilience and help-seeking in homeless youth

Trauma in one’s lifetime is virtually universal in homeless populations. Research on the background of homeless young people suggests that their lives are often characterised by family dysfunction, abuse, maltreatment and neglect, overcrowding in the family home and personal turmoil preceding their first incidence of...
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Insight into Youth Homelessness: Consumer Advocate Perspectives

On the 4th of May 2016, the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) held a forum to launch the May edition of Parity, titled ‘The Future of Youth Homelessness Support’.
Policy report

Independent review of the Regional Development Australia programme

A review of the Regional Development Australia program recommends that the program cease operation and be replaced by a new Australian Regional Business Advisory Board, a network of Directors of Regional Development, a Regional Collaboration Fund and a Regional Investment Commissioner.

Contestability frameworks: an international horizon scan

The Australian Department of Defence engaged the RAND Corporation to identify and review international contestability practices.
Discussion paper

Culture: values and practices - can you have one without the other?

Companies often have a safety value. But what is the value of a "value" statement without the means to deliver?
Briefing paper

Unpaid care work and the labour market

This paper explores the link between the unequal distribution of caring work between women and men and the unequal outcomes in workforce participation, job opportunities, gender pay gaps and the gap in superannuation savings.
Discussion paper

Cyber and resilience: Digital’s role in regaining resilience

Creating greater resilience is seen by many as one of the biggest challenges facing the modern digital age.

Why Australia? Benchmark report 2017

The 2017 Australia Benchmark Report provides rich data demonstrating why there is no better place than Australia to do business.
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Telecommunications services in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: will the mobile roaming provisions benefit tourists and traders?

A close examination of the detailed roaming provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement raises a number of questions about their interpretation, implementation and broader significance.