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Cancer in Australia: a snapshot, 2004-05

This ABS publication provides a brief overview of the incidence of the types of cancer suffered, prevalence and other characteristics, cancer screening practices, trends in morbidity and mortality in Australia.

Social barometer: challenges facing Australian youth

The traditional 'coming of age' is a longer and less clear-cut process for this generation of young people, who often enjoy the benefits of more study, but also less secure job prospects according to Martina Boese and Rosanna Scutella. The 'Youth Transition Social Barometer' throws...

The children's cases pilot project: final report

The Children’s Cases Project (CCP) focuses on the interests of the child and the parents' or caretakers' proposals for the future of the child, rather than the past history of the parties' relationships. The final report of the exploratory study looks at, amongst other things...

Diabetes in Australia: a snapshot, 2004 - 2005

This ABS article provides a brief overview of the prevalence, comorbidity and mortality, risk factors, actions taken and health costs of diabetes mellitus. This paper focuses on diabetes reported by respondents as a current and long term condition. This ABS article provides a brief overview...

Press freedom index 2006

New countries have moved ahead of some Western democracies in this fifth annual index, while the most repressive countries are still the same ones. Northern European countries once again come top, with no recorded censorship, threats, intimidation or physical reprisals in Finland, Ireland, Iceland and...

Regional subsidies and industrial prospects of lagging regions

Large and sustained differences in economic performance across regions of developing countries have long provided motivation for fiscal incentives designed to encourage firm entry in lagging areas. Empirical evidence in support of these policies, however, has been weak at best. This paper undertakes a direct...

The national radioactive waste facility

In 2005 the federal government decided to establish a National Radioactive Waste Facility in the Northern Territory and in late 2005 legislation to facilitate this process passed into law. In so doing, the government sets aside an existing consensus-based process, established with states and territories...
Journal article

"There's no point in complaining, nothing changes": rural disaffection with complaints as an improvement method

Objective: To validate earlier findings that lack of access to health services is the most likely issue of complaint by rural consumers, and that lack of knowledge about how to make effective complaints and scepticism that responses to complaints bring about service improvement account for...
Working paper

A Case Study Approach to Understanding Regional Resilience

The purpose of this paper is to explore how such questions and concepts of resilience may apply in the complex setting of a metropolitan region, that is, to understand what we'll call "regional resilience." How might regions, like individuals, adapt to adversity and stress? What...

Introduction to: the debate on nuclear policy in Australia, 2005-2006

Brian Lloyd examines the arguments presented for and against the expansion of Australia’s present engagement in nuclear activities - uranium mining, radioactive waste storage and, potentially, nuclear power generation. The paper gives an overview of debate over the last two years, showing the economic, environmental...