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The influence of urban design on neighbourhood walking following residential relocation: longitudinal results from the RESIDE study

Commencing in 2003, RESIDE is a longitudinal natural experiment examining the impact of urban planning on active living in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia.

How do you value an icon?

The Sydney Opera House draws tourists to Sydney and Australia that may not otherwise visit. This report assesses the economic, cultural, brand and digital value of the Sydney Opera House.

Housing supply and affordability issues 2012–13

This report marks a change to how the National Housing Supply Council publishes its work. The Council will now look at specific issues and themes in this Housing Supply and Affordability Issues publication each year.
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When and Why Do Landlords Retain Property Investments?

This paper examines factors influencing Australian landlords’ decisions to retain their rental investments.
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The Housing Resettlement Experience of Refugee Immigrants to Australia

There is relatively little research into the housing experience of refugee immigrants to Australia as a category or into variations in their housing careers according to cultural backgrounds.

Urban design through the prism of economics

This essay discusses how developers can make a more than satisfactory return from lifting their investment in urban design.

Strategic evaluation of police work funded under the New Zealand aid programme 2005-2011

This programme level strategic evaluation covers police work in the Pacific region funded through the New Zealand Aid Programme by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and implemented by the New Zealand Police during the period 2005-2011. The evaluation’s purpose was to assess the...

Mid-term evaluation of the UNDP/OHCHR Capacity Building of PDHJ Project 2010 – 2014: final report

The Provedoria for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ) is the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) for Timor-Leste. The PDHJ is an Independent NHRI, which has a mandate to cover human rights, good governance and maladministration. It is empowered to review complaints, conduct investigations and forward...

Mama Graon – Vanuatu land program: joint review report

This report documents the findings and recommendations of the Joint Review of the Australia and New Zealand funded AUD$20.3 million Mama Graon – Vanuatu Land Program (MGP), commissioned by the Governments of Vanuatu, Australia and New Zealand in late 2012. The MGP was designed to...

Cost benefit analysis and economic impact analysis of the Kiribati Marine Training Centre

Kiribati is a country facing numerous economic, social, demographic and environmental challenges. It is a country with limited natural resources. Infertile soils, severely restricted land and water resources coupled with limited economic prospects renders Kiribati a developing nation. Kiribati’s population are geographically spread across 32...