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Foreign investment and Australian jobs: empirical estimates and policy questions

This report examines how foreign investment entering the Australian economy gives rise to a more advantageous set of employment outcomes.

The knowledge city index: a tale of 25 cities in Australia 2017

How will the changing nature of work and the transformation enabled by new technologies and the knowledge economy play out in Australia? To better understand these impacts on our cities and inform our policy and planning responses, this report builds a knowledge cities index (KCI)...
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Productivity and policy challenges in an environment of pervasive uncertainty

Productivity Commission Chairman, Peter Harris, presented this speech to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference on 20 July 2017 in Melbourne.
Discussion paper

Dam the expense: the Ord River irrigation scheme and the development of northern Australia

Attempts to develop northern Australia by subsidising capital-intensive industries like irrigated agriculture have a long and unimpressive history.

Japanese investment in Australia

This report outlines how one of Australia's oldest economic partners is building on established ties to support the next wave of innovation and growth.
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Short-term holiday letting in NSW: options paper

There has been a rapid growth in short-term holiday letting (STHL) both nationally and in NSW over recent years particularly since the emergence of online booking services and the development of the sharing economy.
Policy report

Independent review of the Regional Development Australia programme

A review of the Regional Development Australia program recommends that the program cease operation and be replaced by a new Australian Regional Business Advisory Board, a network of Directors of Regional Development, a Regional Collaboration Fund and a Regional Investment Commissioner.

Australian Government response to the independent review of the Regional Development Australia program

An independent review recommended that the Australian Government cease the Regional Development Australia Program. Instead, the Australian Government will refocus the RDA Program so that RDA Committees move beyond their previous planning role and into a more active and facilitative role, effectively being brokers for...

Queensland mining equipment, technology and services: 10-year roadmap and action plan

This Roadmap outlines Queensland's vision for the sector to become a global leader in the development of commercially valuable solutions for the energy and resources industry worldwide.
Conference paper

Exploring the human factors challenges of automated mining equipment

This project is aimed at understanding how new technologies can be developed in ways that take into account the human factors issues related to remote controlled/ automated mining equipment.