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Discussion paper

Re-thinking the social impact of the arts: a critical-historical review

This paper focuses on contemporary debates around the social impacts of the arts and the problem of their measurement and evaluation. It attempts to put forward a new framework for the understanding of the so-called 'transformative powers' of the arts, by suggesting that a historical-critical...

Fair choices: 30 key recommendations for the federal budget

ACOSS argues that budget spending should focus on solutions to service shortfalls such as child care, health care, assistance for jobless people, education and addressing indigenous disadvantage.

Social enterprise: a people-centred approach to employment services

This report shows that employment-focused social enterprises are playing a critical role in improving the lives of disadvantaged Australians by offering a people-centred approach to employment support services.

Handbook for grassroots organisations helping people experiencing homelessness

This handbook is a framework for grassroots organisations to implement best practice approaches on standards, mandatory reporting, emergency and risk management planning and referral pathways to homelessness support agencies.

Living in Australia: a snapshot of Australian society and how it is changing over time

This report summarises the findings from Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, which stands as a guide to inform our understanding of what’s shaping modern Australia.

Funding the cooperative city

Funding the Cooperative City explores how citizen initiatives, cooperatives, non-profit companies, community land trusts, crowdfunding platforms, ethical banks and anti-speculation foundations step out of the regular dynamisms of real estate development and arrange new mechanisms to access, purchase, renovate or construct buildings for communities.

Community business in 2020

Drawing on the views and experiences of more than 40 community businesses and 20 experts, Community Business in 2030 illustrates the transformative effect the sector could have on both local people’s lives and society as a whole.

The return of the local

Two new books look at the places where social ecologies take root and flourish, writes Ian McShane in Inside Story.

Insights into hardship and disadvantage in Perth, Western Australia: the 100 Families WA baseline report

The 100 Families WA project seeks to build a deep, rich understanding of entrenched disadvantage in Western Australia. This report presents the results of the baseline survey, which examined a number of key domains, including family and household composition, income, material deprivation, social and personal...

Putting single mothers last: the economic injustice of ParentsNext

This is a joint submission made on behalf of the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services (NFVPLS) Forum, SNAICC – National Voice for our Children (SNAICC) and the Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC).